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Hawkeye Review S1E1: All Surprises Are Unexpected

Hawkeye is in the holiday spirit and has launched on to Disney Plus with two episodes! We're here with our reactions to the season premiere!

What is Ragnarok?

In this week's episode Jude is joined by his lovely wife Amity to discuss at Norse Myth.

MCU Aesthetics

In this week's episode the universal friend Daniel joins Jude while Trey is on vacation to discuss the MCU Aesthetic.

Eternals Quick Reactions Review!

We both saw Chloe Zhao's latest film, Eternals, and are ready to dish out our quick reactions for the film! How does this latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe stack up? Listen and find out!

What to Expect in the Eternals

We're a few days away from the release of Chloe Zhao's Eternals! Join us as we dive through what we're expecting from Marvel Studio's latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Spider-Man (2002) Commentary Track!

Spider-Man: No Way Home has a lot of multiversal buzz flying around it, so we thought it'd be fun to record a live commentary track alongside the place where the theatrical web-slinger started it all!

The Meta Episode 4

No, it's not a mistake. It's our podcasting self care episode!

What If...? Guardians of the Multiverse Review S1E9: The Door was More of a Metaphor

Every episode of What If is finally out and we're here to talk about the Guardians of the Multiverse, what worked for the series, and what didn't!

What If...? Ultron Review S1E8: Anything is Possible in a Multiverse + Special Guest TK

It's been two straight weeks of polarizing What If episodes for us, but could episode 8 be the bridge between what we're looking for? Join us and special guest TK as we dive into What if Ultron Won!

What If...? Party Thor Review S1E7: Kappa Kappa Frat Freak + Special Guest Leecho

Last week What If threw the largest party Midgard's ever seen. This week special guest Leecho joins us to discuss all the party princes, poopers, and fouls one episode can take!

What if...? Killmonger Review S1E6: Knight in Shining Camouflage + Special Guest Friend Daniel

This week's episode of What If takes us to the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and asks what would happen if the hero who started it all never became the hero we know. Friend Daniel also joins us this week to break down what it means to have Killmonger alter the course of the MCU as we know it!

What If...? Zombies Review S1E5: What the Hell Happened to the Neighborhood? + Special Guest Nick Sandy

With the Avengers freshly turned into zombies, who's left to save the world? Join us this week with special guest Nick Sandy as we dive into the fifth episode of What If!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Quick Reactions!

After a tremendous weekend at the box office, Shang-Chi has quickly become a success. We're here with a bonus episode to talk about our quick thoughts about the movie!

What If...? Doctor Strange Review S1E4: Mystic Beings Do Not Bargain

Last week's episode of What If is one of the hardest-hitting entries in the MCU to date. Buckle up for the feels as we break down the weight of Doctor Strange's wrong choice!

What If...? Nick Fury Review S1E3: There Was An Idea

This week's episode of What If puts Fury's idea to the test and explores what would happen if Earth's Mightiest Heroes failed! Join us as we dive through how strong Fury's resolve is!

Spider-Man: No Way Home First Trailer Reactions!

After weeks of speculation, it's finally here. The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer has graced the Internet and we're jumping in with our quick reactions!

What If...? T’Challa Review S1E2: A Ravager Never Flies Solo

T'Challa's influence extends across the galaxy in last week's What If episode, and we're back with another podcast to talk it! It's efficient.

What If Leech and Daniel Hosted the Show?

A single edit can change the course of the multitrack reality. Step into this alternate world where Leech and Daniel host MCU Need to Know!

What If...? Captain Carter Review S1E1: Captain Has A Nice Ring to It

Are you ready to dive into the multiverse? Captain Carter has burst on to the scene and we're here to discuss the pilot episode of What If!

How Do You Bring in the Marvel Television Stories into the MCU? + Special Guests MCU Rewind

James Gunn stirred the pot by saying everything prior to Disney Plus is not MCU canon. This week we're joined by Al and Tony from MCU Rewind to discuss why those stories are still important!

What Lessons Can Marvel Learn From the Disney Plus Shows? + Special Guest Friend Daniel

We're three series into the Disney Plus era of Marvel Studios, and we've teamed up with Friend Daniel to discuss what's working the best!

Loki Wrap Up: Did It Work? + Special Guest Leech

Now that all of Loki is out, we can step back and take a look at the series as a whole. Join us as we welcome Leech back to the podcast to discuss the highs and lows of Loki season one!

Loki Review S1E6: We Just Crossed...The Threshold

Loki's season finale was somehow bigger than we anticipated, and that's saying a lot. We have a lot to discuss with this finale and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this one!

Bonus Review: Black Widow Quick Reactions + Special Guest Tara (There Was An Idea...Podcast)

We're finally done running from our past. After many delays, we finally get to join up with Tara to discuss our quick thoughts on Black Widow!

Bonus Review: The Good, The Bart, and The Loki + Special Guests Rob and Jameson McGhee

It's a clash of universes where The Simpsons meet the MCU. Luckily Rob and Jameson McGhee are the Simpsons experts we need to dive into this all-new special!

Loki Review S1E5: Don't Die Isn't a Plan + Special Guest Rob Logan

When going into The Void, it's best to bring back up. Join us as we discuss the penultimate episode of Loki with return guest THE Rob Logan!

Loki Review S1E4: One Last Desperate Trick

There's only two episodes left of Loki to go but we've got a lot to unpack here in episode 4 before we move on! Join us as we parse through all the biggest spoilers!

EP Bonus: New Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings trailer reactions

With a new trailer, comes new reactions! Join us as we share our quick thoughts on the new Shang-Chi trailer!

Loki Review S1E3: What Part of Imminent Death Confuses You?

What is love? Who is Sylvie? Can Loki sing? All this and more in our latest episode where we review the third episode of Loki, Lamentis!

Loki Review S1E2: It's Not Asgard. That's My Lunch + Special Guest TJ Builds Stuff

Episode two of Loki has dramatically altered the show, so we brought in some help to discuss all the spoilers! Join us and TJ Builds Stuff as we dive into all the new revelations of Loki!

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