Eternals Quick Reactions Review!

We both saw Chloe Zhao's latest film, Eternals, and are ready to dish out our quick reactions for the film! How does this latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe stack up? Listen and find out!

Trey: Hello, and welcome back to another
episode of MCU Need to Know a podcast

dedicated to the Marvel cinematic universe
and everything that you need to know.

I'm Trey!

Jude: I'm jude.

How are you doing, Trey?

Trey: I am so happy because we
are recording our Eternals review.

It's always so good to see
another Marvel movie, man.

Jude: Oh yeah, this was man.

I saw it, brought my oldest
saw it in IMAX, so cool.

And I mean, I'll be honest.

Trey: Oo, I didn't know
you got to see it in IMAX

Jude: Yeah, and I'll be honest the
only reason why I got to see it in

IMAX is cause I didn't get my tickets
like ahead of time, and I picked

them up from school and I was like,
Hey, you want to go see Eternals?


And there's like, no.


I had to talk them into
seeing it, which is so weird.

Cause I had to talk them into seeing
Cianci and they'd love Shanghai.

I'm like anyways, um, Trying to like
find tickets of, I was surprised of how

full the theaters were, and that was
trying to find tickets where the two of

us could sit together that wasn't like
the front row and, you know, something

where we felt comfortable and all that.

So we ended up in my IMEX.

Trey: I love, hopefully I
can tee this up for you.

You shared a screenshot of the
text messages regarding that

particular ticket confirmation.

Are you cool with sharing
that for the podcast?

Oh yeah.

Jude: Oh, I thought you

Trey: were gonna say,
you want me to say it?

I was teeing you up to say,

Jude: okay, now maybe I thought you were.


So, um, you know, so I got my
T the text ticket confirmation,

and the last text message.

Because I don't go to the Caesar that
often, um, there's other theaters,

but the last text message I had,
um, right above it was my nine 30

in the morning in game tickets.

Trey: That is, I love how it was within
that text history that you could see it.

That's so

Jude: cool.

And that was probably the
last time I went to that.

You know, and not a COVID thing,
just, that's not my theater of choice.

Trey: Well, I want to, I want to follow
up more with your IMX experience,

but I'll say that for when we get
into the movie and instead I want

to say this small little tidbit,
because I have a funny story from

going to the theater to watch this.

They played a myriad of
trailers before the movie.

One of which was the Batman and
it was a really cool trailer.

I I'm excited for the film.

And the trailer ends and
it's like March 20, 22.

And then all of a sudden you hear this
five-year-old kid go, go, pat man.

And it was the cutest thing.

Like normally I hate like
loud noises in the theater.

Cause we talked about it.

We're movie snobs, but there was
something about the innocence of that

child is going like go Batman that
got me all and it was, it was great.

Jude: Yeah.

I talked during the trailers.

Hayden during the movies, but
I've talked to her in the trailer.

So that kid, he, you just do your thing.

I'm in fact, my talking, my
talking in the trailers, the

matrix came on the matrix trailer.

Um, and my oldest, you
know, was watching it.

He was like, oh, that's so cool.

I don't care traitor.

And all, you got to take me to see it.

I was like, I can't.

It's like, you got to see the
first story as a trust me, you

got to see the first three.

She's like, okay.

And I was just like, well, no, I'm sorry.

I'm making you see the second
two because they sucked.

But I really don't want you to see all
three, but you have to see all three.

So I'm sorry.

They do real quick.


Trey: old is your oldest?

If you're comfortable saying 13.




I was going to say they might be
the same age that I was when I

watched the matrix for the first time

Jude: when they're a little bit older.


Well, I mean, in the matrix is
rated R the first one bloody.

I w from it's as soft are, you
know, well, you know what, and

that's the whole conversation.

We can have maybe a topic because so
much of the violence in the matrix.

Um, and I'm talking about the 1999 matrix.

I don't feel like it has to be behind the
smaller zone, but it is like those aren't

people, those are programs, you know, and,
and this weird, like the philosophical

are you killing people, you know?

And within the framework
of that movie and stuff.

And so.

You know, and it's interesting cause
it is the violence, but in the concept

of that movie, it's like, is it really
violent and in any anyways, um, that

might be a fun topic episode to get into.

Trey: Well, speaking of future episodes,
let's switch back to this one, which

if you downloaded, you know, that
we are going to be talking about our

quick reactions to the internals.

Now, something I want to go
ahead and spotlight here at the

top is Jude and I are recorded.

Already recorded something at the
beginning of this episode that we'll

be playing at the end of this episode,
which is we did a small test to

see if we could recall the names of
the eternal characters from memory

without looking up any knowledge.

And the reason why I wanted to
do this is, and this can lead

us into our preschool is not.

Jude: No,

Trey: you're going to have to wait till
the end of the episode to see how he did.

But one of the things leading into
this movie is it felt like there

was this conversation that nobody
knew who these characters were and

that it was going to be hard to care
about them by the end of the film.

And I don't know, it just, it, it
felt like it would be a fun way to

test how well this movie was able
to establish that characterization.

Against our memories
as well, I should add.

But, uh, also, uh, I wanted to bring this
up here at the top of the episode as well.

Uh, we had the opportunity to join it.

Tara from there was an idea to do
a, another MCU character draft.

So if you listen to the one we did
with the movies, make sure that

you are subscribed to her podcasts
because that should be out now.

Jude: Yes.

This episode is known
as the Jude redemption

Trey: hashtag Jude's redemption.

It's, you know, we mentioned
this to tease this a little bit.

We mentioned in this episode how we
are at, where I don't know if we've

crossed it, but we are at the threshold
of being good enough friends to start

screwing each other over in the draft.

And so you could feel it in this
episode and that's all I'll say

Jude: yes, yes.

Very much.

Trey: So you, uh, might
be interested in that.

Well, of course we will
link it in the show notes.

And of course that is going to take
us to our pre spoiler thoughts.

So the way we're going to do this
is if you have not seen the movie.

Uh, this is the section for you to
listen, to get a taste of what the

movie's like without fear of spoilers.

Uh, we will end our thoughts with an
audio cue, which will take us into

the spoiler zone where we'll be fair
game for all spoilers in the MCU.

But before we get there, Jude, do
you have any pre spoiler thoughts?

Jude: Uh, so I'm going to call
back to, or what to expect episode.

And I said, I was hoping or expecting,
um, a big epic, I don't think.


And what I, what I was expecting
when I said epic, I, in some

ways I think it did that.

And in some ways I
don't think it did that.

Um, and in a good way, right?

Like, cause I was, I was expecting
like this long time of human history.

Um, but the way they were able to
organize the, the, the narrative

and the timeline, I really.

Really enjoyed because they
tackled a lot for this movie.

Trey: Yeah.

I think that ties directly into one
of my priest pro thoughts in that this

movie is an incredibly ambitious movie.

Uh, it is tasked with setting up
so many characters, uh, letting

them grapple with their purpose and
how they personally feel about it.

Like, I think one of the pre
spoiler thoughts I had was the

mileage may vary per person.

Depending on how patient you are with
this movie, because this movie is

as interested in the way that these
characters act as superheroes as

they are with how they feel about it.

And I think for me personally,
that is an incredible lens at

which this movie is interested in.

And I, I thoroughly enjoyed

Jude: that.

Oh yes.


That's an excellent way to put it.

I think

Trey: that the, the only other thing
that I think I would add to that again,

kind of going with that epic feel in our.

Or what to expect episode the scale.

I think maybe if it doesn't accomplish
it in the timelines that we were

thinking of in that, that what to expect
episode the scales at which they are

playing with, I think are larger than
anything we've seen in the MCU so far.

And I'll leave it at that before
we get into the spoiler zone.


All right.

Let's spoil it.

All right.

Well, like we said, you're going to hear
an audio cue and on the other side, it'll

be fair game for all spoilers in the MC.

So we'll see you on the other side

Jude: and we're back.

Trey: Hi.

Jude: Oh my God.

I'm like a moon Moonlight showed up.


Trey: Well, how about your, uh, in
our pre or what to expect episode

your proclamation about the X-Men.

Jude: Yeah, it didn't happen.


Actually I say that, I feel like it
feels like because, because in this

movie they tackled like, you know, she,
the history of earth and, and I guess to

go back to my preschool there, thought
in my head, I don't know why I kind

of was envisioning a linear timeline.

And, and so that's what I mean
where it wasn't, it wasn't, um, as I

expected with the non-linear jumping
historically, um, which I thought

really worked well for me, you know?

Well, it did work well for me,
which I thought, you know, was,

was, um, a really good way to do

Trey: it.


So we're here at.

It's our third quick reactions
episode that we've done.

We've done one for black widow.

We've done one for Shung T, and now
we're doing one for the internals.

And I think the best place to start
with those is just that simple question

of did it meet your expectations?

And we can just kind of play off
from there with things we want

to add in, but I'm very curious.

Did this movie meet your expectations?

Jude: Yes.

Thinking back I, to there, what I was
excited, what I was hoping to see.

It really did.

I, there's some elements of, uh, I
want to say this, uh, it's, it's weird.

I want to cause I'm of going
to lead with a negative here,

which is not really our emo.

Um, but I'm just going to get
it out of the way, because

there's so much I liked about it.

Um, I think there was some moments
that for me, I'm like, okay,

that's the Marvel happening?

And this is what Chloe's owl wants to do.

And it didn't take me out, but
it, it totally felt different in

some places, you know, Eh, like it
was like, oh, we have to do this.

Cause we're Marvel.

Um, other than that, you know, I just,
man, like you said, ambitious, like

what they tried to tackle was just.

And that epic since, uh, going off
the trailers, it really did, you

know, um, it didn't disappoint me.

It, it really did meet my expectations.

Trey: You have any specific,
and you could just have one,

a specific example about that.

Marvel S feel about it.

Cause I have one in mind, which
I can go first, if you need

Jude: the first fight with the
deviant, just felt like on the beach.

Actually, uh, so not on the beach,
cause like, like, I mean yeah, on

the beach, cause it kinda just thrown
in there and, and that was a good

like, cause there was a good, quick
way to introduce all the characters

and you get to see the power sets.


Um, and so it was a good way to do
that, but the, that, that scene in

London where, cause it just kind of
showed up out of nowhere, which I

realized sometimes the villains in.

The villains counterparts or my
counterpart, you know, henchman, henchman.

I didn't, I didn't want
to use the word henchman.

Cause you know, this is like a
alien dog type, but like when the

deviants kind of show up, it was just
like, I dunno, just the way it was.

It just felt, it felt they're like, okay,
we're more of a, we have to throw some.

I got, do you know what I mean?

And so that really felt out of place
for what I was seeing up to that point.


Trey: the, the example that I
was going to bring up is more

on the comedic side and I'm so.

That this is kind of like, it
worked for me to an extent, but

I was also self-aware of it.

As much as I talked about how excited I
was for Kumail Nanjiani to be the comedic

effect, the insistent running bit of
him like narrating, what was going on as

though he was blogging, I think got old
by one of the last times they did it.

Like the one, the one that hit
me is when they were on the Domo.

And who was it?

It was a Gilgamesh that was like,
dude, you're freaking everybody out.

Or one of them said, something like that.

No, it was Fastow's fastest
is the one by that point.


By that point it was like, okay.

I feel like Marvel's doing
their thing here, which is weird

because I generally am okay with
their, their humor sensibilities.

But I felt it a little bit in this movie.

Jude: That's interesting.

Cause that.

Yeah, I loved all that.

I thought that was great.

Cause to me that was, that was
for me, that was their way of,

well, let me put it this way.

And like in Thor, I felt like Thor
did a good job cause I know we

haven't reviewed Thor, but I felt
like Thor did a good job of balancing.

We're going to take
the material seriously.

We realize this is a store, you know,
and I, and I felt like that was a good

way for the audience to like, Hey,
we're going to take this seriously,

but I realize what we're asking you to
buy into and the ability to kind of.

Make fun of itself.

Um, and not, and not
make it fun of itself.

That's not the right way to put it, but,
but to have that, um, you know, I think,

I think it helps the audience sometimes,
um, that suspension of disbelief, um,

a little more with things like that.

And so that's, so that's
why it worked for me.

Trey: Going back to the original question
of did this movie meet your expectations?

I say yes.

Uh, I really enjoyed this film.

Um, I had already caught on just by being
on social media, that this was going to

be a split timeline scenario where we'd
be jumping back to the present and, um, in

the past, as it converged into one point.

So I was, I was prepped for that.

Um, The thing that I was looking forward
to the most, as far as an expectation

I wanted to meet was that, um,
characterization of all the new characters

that they were putting forth and seeing
how well they would gel together and.

Uh, because I mentioned it in the
preschooler thoughts like this movie

is as interested in their actions
as it is about how they feel.

The thing that I kept circling back to
at least for some of these members, is

how interesting it was that so often
in these movies and for shorthand, I'll

just say vendors, I know not everybody's
an Avenger, but so often part of.

The vendors are, is sacrificing
something for the greater good.

And the thing that I thought
that was interesting about

this film is they did that.

They spent, you know, thousands of years
fighting off the deviance, finish their

goal, got to go live a life and then were
asked to be brought back into the fold.

So it's very interesting to me to
watch how some of these characters

had to reconcile with going
back to their original motive

while also having found some.

Life after the superhero
role, if that makes sense.

No, that makes a lot of sense.

That was such an interesting angle.

I think, for this movie to see.

Yeah, cause you had, you know, you had,
you know, I was just talking about Kingo

you add him in his love of filmmaking.

You had a fast dose and the family
that he found in the way that it

rejuvenated his faith in humanity, as
well as Searcy and her relationship

that she was building with Dane.

So it was just a great way to ground and
characterize these people in such an, a.

Uh, efficient timescale.

I know it's two, two hours and 48 minutes,
but the amount of characters they were

juggling, I thought they did it really.

Jude: Oh yeah.

It was a huge cast and we
got to know all of them, God.

And like you said, in a much deeper way.

And there was even from beginning
to it, like, we'll take Sprite,

you know, of that beginning moment
where not herself and the bowl.

And it has to move away.

Like it's such a small moment, but
it impacts the end and her decisions

she makes at the end, you know?

Um, and, and why she
feels the way she does.

And I think it really dealt with
the psychology that they probably

had of for thousands of years.

Trey: Hanging out.

And speaking of that timescale, one
of the things that was interesting

is the way they were able to
make their personalities feel.

The word that's coming to me to complete,
but the, the two examples I can give is

there is the opening scene with Searcy
where, uh, Dane Whitman is lecturing her

class for her because she's running late.

And then she shows up and she's
like, Hey, thanks for covering me.

And I think, uh, Dane mentioned
that she's always late.

Then we get a flashback to a time.

Prior in, like, I can't remember
one of the ancient times and

Searcy is once again late.

And so somebody comments on it.

So you see there's consistency there.

Uh, with Fastow's, you know, he was
a tinker, he was always building

something for the team and, and
constantly trying to build and

further humanity as a species with his
inventions, but having to dial it back.

And then you get the scene where he's
in present day with his family and

he's tinkering with his son's bike.

So I love those small
little connective moments.

They had to show that these.

Characters have lived such a large span
of time, but they are the same people

from where they started to where we
get to meet with them in the present.


Jude: So can I bring something up?



Go ahead, Nick.


Well, I I'm just, while you were
talking, I pulled up the Eternals, uh,

rotten tomatoes, reviews and scores.


I'm reading the little snippets of all
the rotten ones that are not even reading

them and just kind of glancing at a
couple of them, you know, and coming

out of the movie, I'm trying to word
this nicely and humbly, but I don't

think I can, um, for the rotten scores,
I'm like, I've, I felt coming out of

this movie, I felt like you had to have
a particular level of intelligence.

I appreciate it.

And in particular understanding of
like history in culture and myth.

And if you didn't, I'm like,
okay, that makes sense that

you wouldn't like the movie.

Um, and I, I, it feels so insulting
to say, because there's so much of

wrapped in of like who Gilgamesh is and
understanding like, You know, the, um,

the, the humanities that, that it's like
it was so rich, you know, um, that I'm

just like that alone attempting to tackle
that alone was just really impressive.

Trey: I'm trying to figure
out how to word that.

And I think I'm just going to fall on
this sword and it's gonna, it's gonna

like expose maybe my own intelligence,
but I remember you bringing up Gilgamesh

in our, what to expect, uh, episode.

I'll be honest.

Now I, I picked up on stuff, some
stuff here and there like Icarus.

Um, there was another one.

Well, no, it was the Icarus, uh,
story where they made the joke that

Sprite spread that story to poke fun
at Icarus about getting too close

to the sun and stuff like that.

So there are myths and stuff that I
picked up on, but there are some stuff

that flew over my head, like Gilgamesh.

I am not entirely familiar with that.


Jude: Okay.

So like let's, let's start here in
the, in the beginning is how it starts.


And it's very biblical, you
know, like, like Joseph Campbell

would have loved this film, so.

You have, you know, the, the very, the,
the creation story myths right there in

the beginning, um, with the text, you
kind of see the creation of the earth.

Like you have the one shot where the
raised specifically brought water.

Um, you know, and so, you know, this
life giving, um, and, and of course

the one who can bring water that's
this life-giving is the one in the end.

Who's going to.

Give earth life and, you know, to
continue on, but like the TMI, you

know, is one of the two people in
this ancient Babylonian story, a

new Maggie lush, um, and a new way.

Eli should.

I know I'm mispronouncing it.

I apologize for that.

Um, and especially after the snobby
statement, I just said, um, like

there in Babylon at the hanging
gardens of Babylon, one of the seven

ancient wonders of the world, where.

During the Babylonian biblically
during the Babylonian exile you had.

You had this ancient Mesopotamia
story that , and that was TMR.

And I think Martu cause the other
one, and they basically are these

gods that have this battle and
fight, and one of them dies.

The body like is cut in
half the body of the dead.

God here becomes the earth.

And then like the bones and blood
that go splattered everywhere is.

What, um, becomes of, or becomes the
people so to speak, like the things then

during the Babylonian exile, you have
essentially what ends up becoming what we

now know is modern day Orthodox Judaism.

T to maintain their own faith and their
belief and, and this and this, you know,

actually at the time they, they believed
in more than one guy and it was kind

of, he had one God among other gods.

And then this is where it kind of
narrowed in to just now the one God

that you'd have in Judaism, which
later, you know, Christianity and

whatnot, but there was a reaction.

That whole seven day creation
stories or reaction to that

story of TMR dying in there.

Because in that story in ancient
Mesopotamia creation is an afterthought.

We're not here because we're wanted here.

And so they did the seven day creation
story where God saw it was good.

And this was good on everything as a
reaction to show and teach their kids,

this faith that God wants us here.

And it's true.

And like, all of that
is wrapped up in this.

Movie that if you don't aware of it,
it's just like, oh, that's his name?


And, oh, look, that's the blue
hanging gardens of Babylon.

But like, no, this is the things they're
rooting into the, the, the evolution

of human history and interweaving
all this myth and culture, um,

Gilgamesh, you know, when the story
of Gilgamesh and other, um, I believe.

Ancient Mesopotamian Babylonian
type story that has a flood story.

That's very similar to
the flood in Noah's Ark.

Um, you know, uh, if I remember
right, it's been a while.

It it's roughly around the same time
period, as far as written, I think

Gilgamesh might actually be older, but
like all of that is laced within this.

And that's what I mean by like a kid who's
super ambition, ambitious to tackle this.

And it's like, If you're not aware,
you know, and this is probably one of

the few movies I've talked through.

Cause I was leaning over to bear the whole
time and I was like, okay, this is that.

And this means this and that name is this.

And you know, That like, I'm
eating it up and I'm like, if you

don't, if you're not aware of all
those things, they right over the

Trey: head.

So what I'm hearing is I need, cause
we did the Spider-Man commentary.

I need you, even if it's just for me
to come over and watch the turtles

with me so I can have your commentary
while I'm watching the movie.

Uh, cause there are definitely things
like the TMR completely went over my head.

I was confused as to where
that name was pulled from.

And I was like, all right, I'm just
going with it and hearing the more you

talk about it, it also makes sense to
me, it is no coincidence that a Jack

says that they have seven days it's
because they are blending all these

different myths and tales together.


So I, I appreciate you bringing
in that insight because that was

something that definitely was

Jude: lost on first.

I called my wife when
we got out of the feet.

Well, she texted me, so I knew she was
still awake, but then I called and I was

like, you gotta see this, you have this
because she's even more knowledgeable

than I am on all of this stuff.

And it's just, yeah, it's

Trey: crazy.

So do you have the, uh, the tickets
bought for that viewing yet?

Or are they going to.

Jude: Uh, we will actually go see it.

I don't know when, but we're
definitely gonna go see it.

Trey: Oh, okay.

That's awesome.

Well, you know, I wanted
to bring up another point.

Uh, speaking of Gilgamesh, uh,
one of the things that I wanted to

bring up is how much I enjoyed the
relationship between him and Thena.

Um, it was very moving to
see him stick up for her.

When the option on the table
was to erase her memory.

Even as a tangent, the idea like I've,
I've seen characters before who span,

uh, immeasurable amount of lifetime.

And this is the first time at least
that I can remember at the, at this

recording, that the idea of those
memories becoming so unbearable

that they have that sickness.

I forgot exactly what was
called something weary and.

That was an interesting idea
that they were playing with that.

Like whenever they reached that
point where they just have too many

memories for the mind to handle, they
have to be wiped down so that they

can start again is, is heartbreaking.

And the fact that Gilgamesh was willing
even after they were given the freedom

to go and do whatever it was, they
pleased he volunteered to stay with

her because he cared about her and
wanted to see her in a great place.

And that was.

Especially whenever we caught
up with them again, and to see

that they were such a happy.

Units and how they were functioning
and the, the ha and the, the life

that they had created together.

And I thought that was so moving
and it adds so much to, because

obviously we're in spoilers zone.

Gilda mash, unfortunately does not make
it in this movie, but it makes that moment

whenever Thena is vindicated for all the
memories that she was dealing with after

they learned the truth about what it
means to be the eternal and the burden

that has been placed upon them, that
it wasn't that she was malfunctioning.


Was remembering the things that
were supposed to be white from her.

And so the vindication that she gets
when she takes out the, uh, the deviant

that killed Gilgamesh is just such a
moving thread from the beginning of

their relationship to where it ends
with Dina and her, um, catharsis.


Jude: that's such a good example of.

Of this movie trying to tackle with so
many characters, like the psychological

impact of what they're doing.

Um, and it does it in such a visual
way, uh, with Dina's character,

you know, um, you know, well, in a
visual way with Dina's character,

um, you know, a very visual way with.

I want to say sprites characters as
well, just because of what her, her

skillset or power set is, and to create
these illusions into change look and

all of that, you know, I thought, I
thought they used both of those very

effectively, um, in terms of, of how
to psychologically deal with things.

And it,

Trey: it, you know, speaking.

In that realm, I'm thinking of the way
the powers reflect the personality.

Like for example, with Searcy, I mean,
she has the ability to create, and it

makes sense that she grew a fondness
for humanity and was helping them

along and, and showing and how in turn
in the present day, that meant that

she became a teacher like creating
that foundation for them to continue

learning such a great way to do that.

But the other one that's
sticking out to me right now.

Is Druid, you know, he is not physically
the strongest of the internals, but the

ability that he had to, um, and rapture
humanity's mind and bend them too as well.

You know, it's so easy for that to
be abused because that's a very, very

powerful thing, but he ends up being the
one, one of the ones that has empathy

for them and wants to create that safety.

Like he knows he can end it all the, all
the strife, all the conflict, all the war.

And he has to deal with
the fact that he can't.

And so I liked that the angle
they took with him having empathy

for humanity, when he has the
ability to, to stop it at a moment.

Jude: I'm curious visually,
what did you think about.

The the Celestials.

Trey: That is what I meant when I
said we are seeing a scale at which

the MCU has never dealt with before.

It's I don't know if this is going to
be universal because I have a fear of

rollercoasters, but it's what I imagine.

It feels like to be at the top of a
roller coaster and like, just that pin.

I'm just waiting for it to drop
every time I saw a celestial,

that's what I felt like.

Like I was at the top of a
rollercoaster, just waiting.

Jude: Yeah.



When, when the, when it was being
born, I guess, out of the earth and

coming out of the ground and like,
and you have a sense of the scale,

but once I see that hand and the head
started coming out of the sea yeah.

And you really get a sense of like, Wow.

You know, it also visually they
kind of stuck to what you had

and what you saw in guardians.

You know, not in terms of that
one shot where, um, I'm gonna say

grand master where the collector
was, was telling his story.

You know about the stones.

Um, and, and I enjoy the continuity
of that, but I don't think I expected

the grand scale of them as much
as they, they, they showed, well,

Trey: think about where the grant
you've got me saying Korean master.

Think about where the
collector's located in nowhere.

That was in the head
of a celestial, right?


Like that scale is so consistent.

And like you said, with the
tailing, it's, it's phenomenal and.

There's two scenes that stick out to me.

It's I mean, they all do, but the ones
that are coming to me right now, that's

just like, am like burned in my memory
whenever we're at the end of the movie.

And Searcy is speaking with
Dane and she is summoned by

the, uh, the celestial to space.

Like the idea of.

You just look up and it's that
head is engulfing the sky.

It was like, whoa.

And then, then you see him or you see
them and their hand as they're controlling

the Eternals that they have summoned,
and then you just see puny earth next to

their hand and it's it's breathtaking.

And then the other one that
comes to mind is after they, um,

freeze, um, I forget the name.


Jude: TMI

Trey: whenever they freeze to the
mud and you just see half the heads

sticking out of the ocean, that was
such a, it reminds me of that shot.

I love so much in star wars, the force
awakens, where you just see a downed.

Um, I can remember there
was a ship that down.


The star destroyer in the sky in the sand.

And it's just kind of like half buried.

Like I like seeing
decommissioned grand scale.



Like, it's just such a cool
idea to have to reckon with.

I'm hoping, hoping that that is not done
away with, and that is a permanent lasting

effect within the MCU of we'll just see
somebody casually mentioned like, oh

yeah, that giant space head in the ocean

Jude: and playing off of that.

I, I kept wondering, where does
this fit in the larger MCU?

Like when you start seeing
the scale of the celestial.

The life cycle of a planet being
the life cycle for new Celestials.

And then it's like, okay, so where
does king play within all this?

Is this a different multi-verse LA
you know, I mean, cause I guess king

has to be seeing all this or the
watcher has to be seeing all this

that felt like an Avengers level
threat that no of injure showed up to.

Um, you know, and then it
made me wonder is like, so.

I could have Hulk wrestled a DVN,
like, you know, and so, so I had those

types of questions and I think that's
some of the issues that comes up with.

You know, the continuity when you
have here, it didn't fully take me

out of the movie, but it just, it,
you know, I was like, oh, okay.

So how does that going to play out
when you know, that remains on earth?

Um, and then the other thing is we
talked about Thena we talked about that,

that moment she had, but I really was
expecting the deviant to live and kind

of wish the deviant lived only because
as a life form and you see that deviant,

um, Evolving and now it talks, it has a
conscience, um, you know, well conscious

and conscience to different things
and not going to dive into whether the

deviant had one or the other or both.

Um, anyways, we're not going
to dive down that road.

What the

Trey: idea for the, uh, the live

Jude: commentary, the
idea though is, is, is.

You know, I'd love to have seen
that, uh, creature, the deviant

live because it was evolving.

Um, you know, and I felt like you
could have given Thena a different

way to have her her moment.

Um, but you know, I'm not the writer
director, so I only do a podcast.

Trey: I totally see what you mean
though, because again, like I said, this

movie is as interested in the action
as it is, how these characters feel.

It would have been more
to the point of that.

I guess, emo that this movie has to take.

Something that started out as pure
action, which is the deviant and let

them also explore what it means to
cause they, he openly admitted, right?

We are both tools of our, of God that
has pitted us against each other.

Like I I'm with you.

Then I would have liked to
have seen a little bit more

exploration of them as well.


Jude: I kind of fall into a
misdirect of who the villain

is and the only way you have.

Misdirect the way they wanted it was
having this deviance, you know, and

giving them something to fight until
the real villain, so to speak arrives.


Trey: Which I'm going
to bounce off of that.

Cause I had a one more thought, but
I wanna, I want to bounce off of that

and I can bridge the gap here, man.

Icarus is a very hard character.

To watch cause we talk about it so often
that the best villains are the ones that

you can sympathize with a little bit.

And the fact that.

Don't get me wrong, Icarus
straight up murdered Ajax.

So, you know, he's beyond redemption,
I think, but you can see the, the

tracks that have been laid for him
in that this was his life's purpose.

And he followed Ajax to that end
of like, we're going to serve this.

And whenever the people he counted
on started going away from that one

thing they believed in, which is to.

Even though they know it, but even,
even though they didn't know it,

he still believed in their purpose.

After finding out that the lifecycle
of the celestial was at the expense

of the humanity, that they were
farming for it like that is so much

for him to have to grapple with.

And so you can almost feel bad for him
while he still plays that villainous role.

Yeah, at least I did.

And I can transition to the
thing I want to talk about.

Like the entire beach sequence is the
final beach sequence where they're

all fighting against each other to
destroy the celestial before it awakes.

You know, it is the, I, I I'm circling,
I'm trying to point out, uh, this

feeling I have in these movies now.

And I had talked about it
with, uh, Tara in the shonky

reaction where whenever he's con.

I forgot we can't score that one yet,
but there's a moment in these movies

where you can see a victory lap.

Yeah, I know I had to catch myself there.

We're almost, we're almost to the
free game for, you can catch a moment.

There's a moment in these movies
where, because they have taken

the time to set things up.

They get to have their victory lap.

And for me, it is watching the
fight amongst each other while

Searcy gets to demonstrate her power
to save the day while all these.

I can't think of a better way to say it,
but given the power scale of Icarus, the

lesser internals are banding together
and using their powers to overpower them.

Like it's just such a great way for this
movie to build to the swelling momentum.

And so.

I love the way Icarus had turned
to this because he believes so much

in bringing the celestial to life.

And the way that Fastow's was denying
him of that satisfaction was the way

that he forced his creations to make him
look at the ground, despite him trying

to like look and see it, the work that
he had been working for his entire life.

Oh, my God.

Like it was just so
impactful to see that happen.

And the other thing I liked about that
beach sequence is even before we get

there with Maccari, who thinks she
has lost Druid is just pure rage and

the form of speed and is Omer well
overwhelming Icarus in an incredible

way that I have not seen depicted.

At least, at least this is my emotional
reaction coming out of the theater.

Like two hours ago, they did justice to
a character who moves that fast in a way

that I haven't seen in superhero movies
before, which I thought was very exciting.

Jude: Yeah.

A hundred percent.

I mean, Hmm.

What the TV show flash comes
to mind, but budget wise,

they can't really pull it off.

You know, I mean, there's the flash in
justice league, but that was all slow-mo.

Well, I mean, and I'm not, I'm
not trying to talk down about it.

Like that's like, that was how the, to
show speed in that it was slow-mo and

like, like same thing with like days of
future past, you had that, that speed.

But then when they really wanted
to show it off, they went through.


Like it was the super slow-mo, whereas
this, it wasn't like, I don't remember.

I just saw it last.

They was just speed.

It wasn't overwhelming speed.

It wasn't like we're going to slow it
down to try to emphasize how fast it is.

Trey: Yeah.

It's a coup it was a
cool depiction for few.

Well, uh, that's it for me
unless you got any more.

I think we can just throw
some stray thoughts in there.

Jude: You know what let's just,
let's just go see it again.


Trey: All right, everybody just
pause for let's wait, five hours.

By the time we get to the
theater, watch the movie.

Did I lose

Jude: you?

No, I'm paused.

I'm going to, um,

Trey: oh man.

Well, do, do you have
any straight thoughts?


Jude: because they have a few, the
only straight thought I had was,

um, the in credit scenes w was
a little bit of a disappointing.

Honestly, really?


Cause it came in, I immediately recognized
patent Oswald's thing and their voice.

And then, um, and Harry styles
came in and I was just kinda like,

is this too much too quick in terms of,
you know, Yeah, I just, in terms of like,

you had the guardians and you have the
internals and you're taking steps out

as like, was this too much too quick?

You know what I mean?

And then, and then the last
one, um, the last in credits was

probably the best one of these two.

I agree.

But if, but if you don't know not
the voice, but if you don't know

who kit Harrington's character
is and his complicated past.

So you, you know what I

Trey: mean?

There do it, they did very minimal work

Jude: towards it.

And so in that sense, it's,
it's, it didn't leave.

And I don't think it's gonna leave a lot
of audiences with, with this excitement,

unless you go start looking things up.


Trey: to comment off of that, these are
my straight thoughts, but the bounce on

what you just said, the first one with
arrows and Harry styles, I feel about.

The way I felt about ed Sheeran
being a game of Thrones, nervous.

He wasn't game of Thrones.


He's one of the, uh, the
Lannister guards that aria, uh,

has dinner with by the fire.

Oh, I didn't realize that.


So it's either, it's either going to be.

Just kind of a fun nod, but
this seems like too big of

a character to be a fun nod.

I don't know.

I don't know I'm being judgmental,
but we'll see how it plays out.


The second one, I enjoyed a lot more.

Um, just because like, I know some
external knowledge about who his character

is supposed to be and what's going on.

But the feeling I have for overall is
it felt like the general method for the

post credit teens is normally you would
get one of these and then a comedic one.

Whereas we got two kind
of straightforward ones.

And so that felt like it was
breaking the mold a little bit,

but you know, I'm fine with it.

It didn't, it didn't bother me too.

Do we want to say, cause the D Chloe
shall, has confirmed the voice.

Do we want to mention to
here on the podcast and talk

Jude: about it's so funny, the two
that two people sit next to me, um,

that there were, they were nice.

And the one lady, I was just like,
I was like, whose voice was that?

She's immediately without hesitation.

It's Nick fury as like, was it, she
was like, oh yeah, that was Nick fury.

It's like, Hm.

And I stood up to stretch my legs and
I was just like, and I was like, okay,

that's, I'm going to credit the lady
sitting in the theater next to me.

And what are you asking me to
say, it's Nick fury choice.

And obviously she didn't know that I
had a podcast and she's like, yeah.

And she was like, yeah, go ahead.

You just, you know, just say
some random lady in the theater.

So some random lady in the
theater said it was Nick fury.

So I guess it's Nick fury.

I was

Trey: going to say your eldest.

Uh, advertising for us very
loud about MCU need to know.

So maybe the person that's
sitting next to you is listening

and is now responsible for the
confirmation of Nick fury in eternal.



How about this, because I know there
are people who don't want to know.


Jude: it's not Nick fury.

Well, I mean, if you're going to
follow that up with, I go there's

people who don't want to know,
we just kind of confirmed that.

It's not that one.


Trey: So you can cross one name off
your list so far, but we'll break.

Well, maybe we'll talk about it later.

Uh, my straight thought love the.

The constant references to Superman
regarding Icarus, which they just did not

try to hide it all, which is very fun.

Uh, second stray thought loved that
they added a chunky to the Marvel

studios credit, where they show
all the different scenes from the

movies in the logo, which is amazing.

And I'm glad I caught that.

Uh, and then finally, you know, when
I said this during our low-key review,

I didn't think the MCU was going to
be able to rival it, but Searcy and

Icarus might be in contention for worst
breakup ever of all time after Loki's

Jude: Sylvie.

Trey: I really didn't expect them to top
themselves in this year, but they did it.

But, uh, yeah, those are
my straight thoughts.

Jude: We're keeping track worst breakups.


Trey: Oh, fantastic.

Well, I think that's going
to do it, but of course, we

want to hear what you thought.

If you got a chance to see the
internals, what did you think of it?

Do you like it?

She love it.

She hate it.

Whatever it may be.

Let us know.

You can always reach us at MC you need
to know on Twitter and Instagram, or

if you'd like to write us an email, you
can do

You know what, and before I throw
to you, Jude, uh, in your outro, I

just want to say, uh, I know we've,
we've talked about it here and there.

Uh, we've mentioned it on the, uh,
guest episode that we did with Tara

regarding the MCU character draft.

I'm going to be gone.

I'm going to be taking a
little bit of a vacation.

So for the next two
weeks quitting quitter.

Oh my God.

When people don't know what people
don't know is, you know, how

much, it's hard for me to say.

And how supportive you are in the,
in between conversations where you're

like, no, you need to take break.

It's good to recharge.

And then to hear you
go, quitter is so good.

Jude: Like you were trying to figure out a
way to take your podcast set up with you.

I'm like, dude, take a break.

It's okay.

Trey: I know, I know I got it.

I'm gonna, I'll be gone.

I'm going to be on a vacation.

I'm not going to be here.

Uh, but I did want to take a chance to
say, uh, I hope everybody does well.

And I'll be back for Hawkeye
and Jude for you in particular.

I'm very excited to see what you do.

And these next two weeks,

Jude: I can't wait to
see what I figured out.

Um, and if anybody wants to meet up with
Trey, um, he's going to be on nowhere.

Um, so just get

Trey: ahead

Jude: of us.

Meet them there.

Trey: All right, we're going longer.


Real quick.

Guardians of the galaxy game.


Everybody's playing.

It just came out and it's so good.

Your turn.

Jude: Finish it up.

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Trey: Yeah.

We'd also like to thank Nick Sandy for
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You can find more of his work
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Well, that's going to do it.

Thank you so much for listening and Jude.

Thank you so much for doing this.


Jude: you in a couple of weeks straight.

Thank you.

Trey: I see.

On a couple of weeks ago,

Uh, I thought we were going to do it after

Jude: the banter.

No, I thought what I was saying is we
just meet muda and do our names now.


And after the banter you can say, Hey,
we're doing, we did this thing where

we muted or mix to see who can get
the most named the most eternally.

Listen to the end to hear our list.


Like after the banter, you can say
that, like, I don't, like, in other

words, just cause you're editing.

I don't know why we'd meet
our mix now and do it now.

I mean, I mean, we were
like in the middle,

Trey: because the way that I was
envisioning it was taking the time and

the like in the episode where you hear
me list the names and you list the names.

But now that I'm thinking
about it, it's probably better

to just have it, the Intacct.

Cause that'd be kind of awkward to
hear one of us for like a minute.

And then another one is for a
minute and then coming back.

So let's go, like you
said, let's do it now.

Um, so, uh, I'm muting now.

All right.

So I'm going to go ahead and list out
all the names that I can remember.

And it's going to start with Sarasi.

Um, Sprite, Icarus.

Kingo Thena man.

I'm really booking now Gilgamesh Maccari.

Who am I missing?

2, 3, 4, 5, 6.



See, this is where peer pressure when
there's no peer is starting to get to me.

Cause I know I'm missing some.

Oh, drew it and

Jude: I think that's it.

Oh, I was supposed to be talking.

I was typing them out.

Oh, here we go.

Dose sounded like they said fast.

That might actually

Trey: be too fast.

So I'm looking at my notes where
I typed it up from remember and do

decide whether or not that's cheating,

Jude: but I think I
got them on this flash.

I don't remember how many.

Trey: And you're going to
tell Jude that I'm readiness

and, uh, we'll go from there.

So I'm telling him in the discord now.

Jude: Yeah, I'm dumb.


Why, why didn't you say you're
dumb because I started typing them

out and then like I was getting
towards the end and I realized, I

was like, oh, I wasn't saying them,

but then, but then I did say.

Trey: Okay.


Well, I I'm turning this bait.

I want to do this.

I may have potentially cheated, but I
explained how I thought I cheated for one.

So how would you like I had, well,
because I was like, oh, did I do it?

I looked at my own written
notes, but that was from memory.

It was only for one.

I got all the other ones.

It was only one.

Jude: So let's see 1, 2, 3, 4.

Trey: I got five on my own.

Jude: Oh, what happened?

Dang it.

I forgot Druid.

Trey: That's so funny.

That's the one, one of them
I forgot before I remembered.

Jude: Yeah.

So I got Searcy.

I got,

Trey: huh?


That's good.

Go ahead and read your list
and then I'll read mine.



I was just

Jude: going to tell you what I, what I
got, uh, Ajax, Icarus, CRC Fausto's Faust.

I, it was weird every
time they pronounced it.

Uh, but you know what?

I'm talking about.

A Sprite Gilgamesh theme.

I don't remember one guy's name.

So I just named him low tour.

Um, it's not, I knew it wasn't
so I just threw something down.

Uh, and the other one,
I couldn't remember.

So I said, miss flash, uh, and
then, and then as a bonus arrows,

Trey: Hey, spoilers for up to this point.


So here's my list.

Uh, Searcy Sprite, Icarus Kingo
Thena Gilgamesh Maccari Druid.

And the, the one I
cheated on was Fastow's.


And I completely forgot

Jude: Ajax.



So completely, that's the
only one I forgot completely.

And I just didn't know.

King goes next.

Or Macquarie's name.

So that was a low Tor miss flash.

Trey: What is low tar?

Jude: He's the villain prince and Vultron,

Trey: uh, okay.

Uh, the I'm really bummed.

So I don't know if you would consider
it cheating, but I, I scrolled in

my notes because I thought I had
them all and I realized I didn't.

And then I thought, well, that's
kind of cheating, but also the

notes are written from memory.

I'm going to dock me a
point on that one, for sure.


Jude: you should.


Trey: Anyway, as my normal, I
think Don Cheadle is going to be

in Falcon and the winter soldier.

Jude: Honestly, for some reason, honestly
had no idea at the time, but okay.

Trey: I'm sorry.

I cut you off from my check.

What were you saying?

Jude: Um, oh, that I had my MDB up
and I, and I didn't even look at

Trey: it.


You're much more disciplined than I am.

All right.

Well, this was a fun experiment now.

Let's do our review.

Jude: All

Trey: right.

You ready?


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