Top Five Marvel Scenes of 2021! + Special Guest Tara (There Was An Idea)

Five tv shows. Four Movies. Nine total projects. Joining us this week is Tara from There Was An idea to distill all those projects into the five best scenes of 2021!

Trey: Hello and welcome back to another
episode of MCU Need to Know, a podcast

dedicated to the Marvel cinematic
universe and everything you need to know.

I'm Trey.

Jude: I'm Jude.

How are you doing Trey?

Trey: Well, Jude, I'm excited
because today the Podvengers

vendors get to assemble once more.

She's an expert at distilling the
insights and highlights of all

the latest MCU projects and the
fantastic host of There Was an Idea.

We may owe her an apology for
today's impossible task, but more

importantly, we're delighted to
welcome Tara, back to the podcast.

Welcome back to TK.

Tara: Hi Trey and Jude.

Thank you so much for
having me on the show again.

And this is such, we were
just talking about it.

This is such a fun
challenge to have to choose.

Five scenes from the MCU this year.

It feels almost impossible, but just
the whole process of thinking through it

again and revisiting some favorite scenes
from the year was just so delightful.

So I'm so excited to
do this with you guys.

Trey: Super excited.

I'm so glad you could join.

Jude: Like I was saying,
I was just nervous.

Trey: Yeah.

You know, I I've taken some inspirations
from one of my favorite podcasts

or where they do like their top
five favorite games of the year.

And the thing that always makes it
so exciting is that most places do

top tens and to distill it down to
just five makes it that much harder.

And I'm curious to see how
this is going to play out.

I'm I'm wondering how much overlap
we'll have as well as how diverse

these may end up being as well.

More importantly, uh, for those who
are unaware, you run the podcast.

There was an idea, a Marvel cinematic
universe podcast, uh, if people

are not familiar, uh, normally you
cover the shows that happened to be

running as long as well as the movies.

It's going to be a while before
we have anything new in the MCU.

So what's on the docket
for there wasn't any.



Tara: when this episode of your show
drops, my episode on my 2021 MCU

year in review episode will be out.

And that was really fun.

I didn't distill it to five scenes like
we're doing here, but I did choose a

few categories for some super relatives.

So I had on a Ellie from, oh, shoot,
who I know has been on your show

before, as well as Sean from the
caption life who I know is a kind of

in our circle of, of podcasts, friends.

I don't know if you guys have had
the chance to work with him yet.

Um, but they came on and we talked
about some supper relatives for 2021,

our rookie of the year, our MVP, best
quote, best dress, things like that.

So that was a fun approach to thinking
about the, you know, reflecting on

the past year in the MCU as well.

So look out for that.

And I'm also going to be doing.

This month on my top 20
favorite films of 2021 overall.

So both MCU films and non MCU films,
which is a little bit of a departure for

me, but I'm looking forward to branching
out a little bit and, uh, sharing some

recommendations about things that I
really enjoy that are not necessarily MCU.

And I will also be doing a Hawkeye
series retrospective and an Eternals

deep dive analysis with friend Daniel
coming up later in January as well.

So some exciting things looking
back a little bit, uh, before

then looking ahead to what the MCU
will bring us in the rest of 2020.

Jude: That's awesome.


I'm glad you said yet for Sean.

Cause we in the works

Trey: and you know, I want to
say you talked about this recent

episode that just came out.

There's been this funny timing that every
time we've had you on, it happens to

be the day you've released an episode.

And so I haven't gotten to listen to
it yet, but I'm very, very much looking

forward to it because as evident in the
drafts that we've done together with

you, and in the way you just described
your ser purlative, uh, categories, I

love the different and creative ways you
come up with those superlative names,

Sarah, very much looking forward to that.


Tara: you.

Thank you.

I'm looking forward to hearing your
picks as well when you do listen to

the episode, because it was cool to
see how they're just like you were

saying before Trey, there were some.

You know, particular characters or moments
where the three of us, myself, myself,

Sean, and Ellie were all kind of, of
the same minds about certain standouts.

And then there were some where we
had vastly different responses.

So it's always kind of cool to see
what stands out for certain people and

what patterns emerge kind of among all
of us as viewers and fans, uh, versus

more of that personal taste element.

So it's a.

Trey: And of course, if you are
not already, you should definitely

be subscribed to Tara's podcasts.

There was an idea, a Marvel cinematic
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platforms, as well as following them
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podcast, both on Twitter and Instagram,
very much worth the following.

But of course, if you downloaded this
episode, then you know, we are going to be

discussing the best Marvel scenes of 2021.

Now, the way we're going to do this is
we're going to take some moments for

some brief overall thoughts of the year
with the MCU before jumping into the

spoiler zone to discuss our personal
top five scenes from those same entries.

So starting with you, Tara,
what did you think about 2021.


Tara: well, when I sat down with
Sean and Ellie, actually, I, I

wasn't sure what to say about this.

So I kind of posed it to them, uh,
first asking them about, you know,

what, what are the qualities that
stand out about the MCU in 2021?

And there were a few things that
emerged out of that discussion about.

Uh, some trends that we're
seeing in where the MCU is going.

And, uh, certainly in some of the standout
installments that were released this year,

that I don't think people are going to
forget about anytime soon, whether that

be for breaking records in a really a
positive way, like let's say Spiderman,

no way home and shattering pandemic box
office box, office records among others.

Uh, and then you have on the other
end of things, a film like a terminals

making headlines for having the
first ever rotten score on rotten

tomatoes for an MCU film, you know,
for whatever that's worth to anybody

who that may be worth something too.

But, you know, it was part of
the discourse around that movie.

So we, we have that.

And for me though, you know, what
I'm always looking at is conceptually

in terms of the big ideas in terms
of the, there was an idea about

what is 2021 saying, and from.

Looking at the installments that we saw
this year, I'm looking at this concept

of legacy, this bridge storytelling
of connecting the infinity saga and

old favorite characters with the new
kind of leading us into whatever our

next big destination is going to be.

Whether that is going to be a, a new, big.

Villain along the lines of banjos,
whether that's going to be the

multi-verse, uh, opening up further
and what that's going to look like.

I really see 20, 21 as this bridge.

And I, um, was really interested in
seeing what this year had to say about

our heroes identity stories, because
that's something that I'm always really

interested, interested in as well.

And this was a big year for characters
coming face-to-face with themselves.

Uh, certainly metaphorically and,
uh, also sometimes literally in

the case of some of our heroes.

So I thought that was a really cool,
cool trend that emerged as well.

Jude: Yes.

I, I say I like that you bring that
up cause it's man like going all

the way back to Wanda vision through
that's it's it seems like the big

villains have been this conceptual.

Idea, our feeling or emotion, um,
less than just a simple person.

And, and that that's, like you said,
forced these characters to take

a really hard look in the mirror.

Trey: Yeah.

And I like the way you have described
it as a bridge from the infinity

saga to where they want to go next.

Um, because if I, you know, jumping
in here with what I felt about the

year overall, it really feels like an
ambitious step forward for the MCU,

because I think the standout for the year
is Disney plus because that is the new

arena in which they are working with.

Like they've already got the movies down
to a science, and there's never been a

doubt with that when it comes to what
they're doing, but the strides that they

have made with the entries of the TV show
side of things, Yeah, it's, it's hard to

say where exactly that's going to fit all
together because I don't think we've quite

seen an integration to the movies yet.

Although I have a feeling that's
coming this year, but the first

step of the Disney shows being as
good as they've been that year.

Um, it's, it's felt incredibly ambitious
and I'm excited for what they have coming,

Tara: uh, Disney plus I think that is
also going to be a, an unforgettable, uh,

distinguishing factor about 20, 21 in the
MCU, because that experience of being able

to follow the installments in week to week
releases generated so much conversation.

And as we know, speculation and
prediction and a sense of community

at a time when, during the pandemic,
I think that felt very resonant.

Um, and I know.

Definitely think that that is
always going to be part of the

conversation when we look back on 2021.

And when we evaluate the success of the
Disney plus side of the MCU, I think

that as you said, traits, it's, it's
bold, it's risky to change up the style

of storytelling and then to try to
interweave that style with what they've

already done so well for so many years
and, you know, so far, in my opinion,

I think it has been really effective.

Jude: So, so one of the things
I'm curious about is do you feel

like, um, and I'll just say, right.

I don't think it has, for me, the COVID
had kind of a negative impact on, on

the viewing order in the change, or
do you think that actually helped it?

Trey: cause originally Falcon in
the winter soldier was the supposed

to be the first Disney plus show.

And I think that.

Would have been after black widow, right?

I think, and this is where
my own bias is coming in.

I think the fact that COVID did shake up
the schedule and a Wanda vision was the

first thing to come out of Marvel studios,
not just on Disney plus, but just overall

from the movies are the TV shows I think
has cemented such a solid reentry after

having such a long hiatus because of the
unfortunate delays with, with COVID that I

don't know if that would have been as big
of a shockwave across the, the internet,

whenever one division started, if it would
have been Falcon in the winter soldier,

because one division captured everybody,
like even people who weren't into the MCU,

everybody was talking about that show.

Um, so I think, I think, yeah,
that the, the rescheduling of

the release has, um, made a huge
difference with the original plan.

Tara: I can't imagine one
division not having been.

Disney plus show, I think in
terms of the reception of black

widow, I think y'all know how kind
of protective I have over them.

So I, I think that it, it certainly
suffered not only from the many delays

and the fact that as many people,
many people understandably believe

that the character should have had
her own standalone film much earlier.

And I agree with that as well.

I don't think it harms this film
in the same way that others do.

But in addition to the delays,
I do think the shift in black

widows placement, I, it, I think
it suffered for it a little bit.

I think the impact of it, the
reception of it suffered a little bit.

I think also the simultaneous
theatrical and Disney plus release.

Yeah, it's suffered from.

Um, so that is something that looking back
on it, I, I kind of wish it went a little

bit differently for that movie, but I 100%
agree with everything that traces in terms

of the Disney plus side of things like it.

I cannot imagine it being anything other
than one division because it was just

so perfect that one of that one division
was that love letter to TV and really

played with the serialized format.


Trey: well,

Jude: yeah.


I completely agree with you on, on
both the accounts, the one vision and

the black widow, you know, it was just
such a fantastic way to kick it off.

Now I know Trey would, would, um,
you know, he held back a little bit.

I think he wanted what F to be first.

Um, just get it out of the way and

Trey: yeah.

You know, it would have been like
a nice little 24 to 28 minute

morsel of MCU to start out after
having nothing for so long.

We've been a great way
to ease into, right.

Well, with that being said, I think
that's a good overview of how we

thought about the MCU in 2021.

And I think it's time to jump into
the spoiler zone so we can talk

about our top five scenes of 2021.

So like we said, you're
going to hear an audio cure.

And on the other side, it'll be fair
game for all spoilers in the MCU.

Normally we do talk about exemptions,
but since this is going to be covering

everything that came out in 2021, you
should expect spoilers for everything.

So with that being said, we'll see.

On the other side

and we're back.

All right.

We have five TV shows, four
movies, a total of nine projects.

We have to pick the five best
scenes from these entries and Tara,

Jude: you actually made it worse.


Trey: Listen, this part of
my job, I gotta, I gotta hype

Jude: this up.

I'm gonna call lifeline

Trey: Tara.

I am so sorry, but to throw
to you first, what is your

number five top scene in 2021.

Tara: So I mentioned before we started
recording that coming into this discussion

tonight, I had six on my finalist.

And so I am going to cut number six
for now, and I'll mention it in a

little bit as an honorable mention.

It was really tough and.

Even just thinking about choosing
scenes for me, I was texting you

guys about this earlier today.

I was like, oh, do I go with
the thinking part of my brain?

Or do I go with like my feelings?


Am I going with the scenes that upon
reflection upon rewatch feel like they

say something that connects to these
overarching themes of 20, 21 in the MCU?

Or do I go with things?

I just really in the moment
felt really strong, right?

Like, um, I was talking with Sean
the other night for my episode and

he was choosing, uh, we did our
top favorite scene on that episode.

So I've had to choose one
already and stick to that one.

But one of the things that he was
talking about in, in choosing his

scene was that he was going with.

The visceral reaction
he had in the moment.

So I try to land with some combination of
both thinking and feeling here, and that

is all to say that I'm providing far too
much context for just getting into it.

But my number five scene is going to be
from Hawkeye season one, episode three

Clint's phone call with his son, Nate.

Trey: That is an incredible choice.

That is a

Jude: really, really good choice.

Trey: So

Tara: I chose this scene because it
really made me feel for a character

who I previously didn't have a deep.

And a character Clint, who has
been in the MCU for so long, and

I've enjoyed some of his scenes.

I've poked fun at him and
other places, but I didn't

have that connection with him.

And here we have the scene in
2021 where I'm like, oh, I get it.

Like, I thought it was beautifully
acted by Jeremy Renner.

So much of this year has been about
recontextualizing what came before for

me, I think a lot of the installments.

Have really done a great job,
especially the Disney plus series

of filling in some gaps for us in
really being able to zoom into certain

characters and understand them better.

And with a, so think about a show like
monovision, for example, after seeing that

you go back to, or I go back to a film
like age of Ultron and it feels better.

Like it recontextualizes it.

And there's more that
I appreciate from it.

So with cleanse here, this
really operated in that way.

And not only that, um, so I felt like
it for me emotionally, it did something

to me as a fan that I wasn't necessarily
expecting in making me connect with him.

Um, but it also was really important
for the narrative of the Hawkeye show

because it's kind of this scene, I think.

Of the same piece as the car chasing,
which I almost chose in the same episode,

the car chase scene, because in that
scene, you see Clint kind of teaching

Kate without teaching Kate it's, it's
her learning from him, the trick arrows

on the fly, in the middle of the action.

And that's all of the cool
stuff about being a hero.

That's the rush.

That's the exhilaration, the scene
where she's watching him on the

phone with his son and helping out
because he can't hear anything.

That's the scene in which she
learns about what you can lose.

Uh, that's the scene in which he's
demonstrating to her indirectly.

The other side of what's involved in being
a hero, the risks and the sacrifices.

And she hasn't learned it yet,
but it's set up here to unfold

for the rest of the season.

So it's just wonderfully
acted on both of their parts.

And I, um, yeah, I had to have it on my
list because it, it just, it really sucks.

Jude: Now it's a fantastic scene.

That was a man that should
have been on my list.

That was hard.

Cause it is, there's so
much stuff to leave off.

Cause it was heartbreaking for me, uh,
to watch, to watch that, uh, you know,

I I'm a dad, you know, and have kids.

And so like, I, I really related to that.

Uh, but also my parents divorced when I
was really little and not the deaf part,

but like I remember being the little
kid on the other end of that phone call.

Uh, and so like, so yeah, like that, that
scene was really, really meaningful to me.


It's fantastic.

Trey: 100% a great pick and
definitely I'll reveal too.


One of the ones that didn't make my
top five, that just made me so sad

that I couldn't find a place for it.

But, uh, you know, I, I liked the way you
talked about how this was a character,

that wasn't something, wasn't something
that resonated with you before this.

And I mean, that's what stories are right.

There are about change and sometimes
that's within the character.

It's narrative or I think within the
perception of the external audience.

And so watching the audience at large
go from being unmoved by Hawkeye

to now referring to them as Clint
Barton, more widely that is speaks

through the power of that scene.

So, great pick,

Tara: just add one more thing too.

I feel like I've already talked
about the scenes too much about

that one scene too much, but I love
that this is his son, Nate as well.


And, and we have seen the relationship
with his daughter, which is also

really powerful and he has his other
son, but maybe this is black widow

Stan in me coming out a little bit
too much, but this is Nate, right?


Is named for Natasha and
Nate is his youngest.

And there's so much of the
weight that he's carrying from

Natasha, the loss of Natasha.

And I just feel like that it made
it just that little, extra bit

more emotional to me that it's
specifically him who's on the phone

Jude: and how well that worked out.


Like, you know, maybe they were playing
that way out, back at the age of

Ultron because it was at seed house,
little Natasha and she's pregnant.

And she says it's Nathaniel.

And to be able to call back to that.

Trey: Yeah.

So good.

All right, Jude, what about you?

What is your number five top scene, man,

Jude: I'll be honest, listening to Tara's
qualifications and thought process.

I made a quick rearrangement.

I was like, oh wait, um, number five.

I feel like, like I'm going to
be the Nita redemption episode.

Um, because thinking about the draft
the first time and the movies I ended

up with, although I was still happy with
what I had, uh, You know, but my number

five actually is the Tobey Maguire scene
where he was complaining about his back

and Andrew Garfield, uh, cracked it.

And it's such a brief moment, you know,
and it's almost like you can't even call

it a scene, but I think what, what stuck
out to me was I, I remember seeing that

first movie and the theater and just
how awesome it was and to see Spiderman

swinging on the big screen and doing the
New York thing and how fabulous it was,

uh, the wall crawling and just all of it.

And it truly like, I mean, if you,
if you think about the look and the

aesthetic of MCU of everything that came
prior to the MCU, the Raimi Spider-Man.

Has that pre MCU look, you know,
it's still, it's still what we have.

Um, and so having that seen knowing,
you know, it's the, the reference to

him hurting his back and, and this
whole, um, in two ways a right, like

there's, so there's the, there's the
Spiderman one and two in between where

he hurt his back and they might re
uh, cast them for Chick-fil-A hall.

And then in Spiderman two, where he
just has web swinging and falls and

hits his lands on a back, you know,
during his existential crisis crisis.

And he just kind of has
to walk away holding it.

Uh, so yeah, it's just.

Last thought I was probably
the one laughing the hardest

in the theater at this point.

Um, others were laughing, but it
just, I don't, I don't know if they

appreciated it as much as I did so,
so that, that was my number five.

Trey: Excellent pic.

And I just want to say, cause you
mentioned that moment whenever we did

our quick reaction and I just took
it like, oh ha my back hurts too.

I didn't know all the meta textual
stuff about the Jake Gyllenhaal.

So even when you said like, what would
have made it even better is if Jake Dillon

hall was walking down the street, I had
no idea what you meant until brother

Daniel explained to me all that, that
like real-world knowledge about it.

So that just makes that scene even better.

Jude: Yeah.


Trey: Well, that seems like my turn,
uh, Jude, I am going to follow in your

footsteps and I am also going to choose
a scene from Spiderman, no way home.

Uh, the scene that I'm going with is
what I have called spider scientists,

because it is that scene where the
three of them are all working together

to find cures for saving the villains
that have entered into the MCU universe.

Uh, and the thing that I think is so
special about that scene is it captures

what makes that movie special in that?

I think the movie is.

Goofy at times, and the way that it is
tried to merge these three, you know,

franchises, but also so sentimental as
well with the way it took time to, to

give a relationship between Tom Hollins,
Peter Parker, and these different

villains who have entered in because he's
never had any connection to them prior.

So to have a scene where they're goofing
around in the lab, making jokes about how

like, oh, you know, Toby's best friend,
you know, ended up becoming a villain

and dying in his arms and having that
moment where Ned's having to wrestle

with that idea and whether or not that's
going to happen in his universe, or

also having that scene where, wow, I'm
realizing how Toby centric this is.

But realizing that, you know,
Tom Holland's, Peter Parker

was kind of shooing away.

The idea of saving Norman and
Toby has to remind them like,

Hey, we're saving everybody.


If I were to pick an entire S if I
were to pick a scene to encapsulate

what makes that movie special?

I think it starts right there
in that moment, because it's

a little bit of everything.

Jude: That's a good point.

Is that just, you know, that
whole that's, what was it?

That's just what we do.

Trey: Yeah.

I'm trying to figure
out how to phrase this.

It feels like there are certain, and I'm
speaking highly about a Spider-Man movie.

I know, but it feels like
there are just certain points.

What does that mean?

Meaning like the way I'm going to
phrase this, there are certain points

in time where you have like a single
shot to make something like this happen.

And the fact that it did happen and
it was good is incredible, incredible.

Like there's so many ways this movie could
have gone wrong and there's not that many

windows that you can make this happen.


Jude: That's my, I thought you were
trying to say like some other franchises

were better than this one or something.

Like captain America is strange like that.

Tara: Jude are you team the best trilogy
in the MCU is the Spider-Man trilogy.

Trey: That's a good question.

It spotlights on you.


Jude: I might have to say
yes at the current moment.

Tara: Um, John spot, I'm sorry.

Trey: No, like

Jude: I might, I will.

I'll you know, the only hesitation I
have is what is guardians of the galaxy

three going to be that's fair, actually.

Um, and, and I'm, and I'm not
counting the Avengers trilogy,

Tara: right?

I was thinking Ironman capsule.

Jude: Yeah.

So right now I, yeah, I'd have to
say it's Spiderman trilogy, um,

with, you know, a wait to see what
James Gunn does with the third.

Trey: Well, we'll put a pin on that
and, uh, that's something we need to

revisit once that trilogy finishes.


But moving along, we're now
circling back to you, Tara,

what is your number foreseen?


Tara: So at the number four spot,
I have a scene from Sean MACI

and the legend of the 10 rings.

It is the scene during which Sean and
Katie are on the bus in San Francisco.

And it's the first big
action scene in the film?

Well, the first actions, she, excuse
me, the first action scene with shonky

obviously there's the, uh, the prologue
to the movie with his father when we, but

I chose this moment because it was tough.

I really, really love the
sequence of scenes in Macau,

um, in, in Cianci as well.

But I chose this one because this is our
moment of introduction to a new hero,

seeing the way that he fights the way
he uses his clothes and the props around

him and that sort of Jackie, Jackie Chan
style, um, seeing what it is that causes

him to spring into action in this moment,
which is his concern for his friend case.

And we talked about this tray when
you and I did the deep dive episode

on Sean Chi, the way that that film
uses the action sequences to express

or demonstrate something about the
characters is really, really well done.

So this is also the scene in which we
see the pendant on, on his chest, which

is this significant object for him
representing his connection to his mom.

And this is before we really learned
about his full story in his past.

And there's that moment in which
Katie just looks at him after he's

been able to beat off these guys.

And she's just like,
holy shit, who are you?

And that's the question
of the movie, right?

Um, so I think it's just to me, it's
like such a well done example of what

the MCU is all about and what the MCU
does so well, this combination of.

Incredible action.

Just like you can't take your eyes
off of it and be thinking about that

visceral, visceral reaction criteria here.

Like the first time I saw this in
the theater, I was like, oh my God.

Just like watching the scene as the bus
is traveling along and they're moving

from the front towards the back of
the bus and the music is incredible.

And, um, it's just that comedy, there's
humor in the scene with the guy, what's

his name, cliff, the YouTube guy.

And, um, and there's, it's just
fantastic to me, it's like prime, what

the MCU can do and watching the behind
the scenes of it in the assembled

documentary was pretty awesome as


Trey: Yeah, the moment you said
Shung G I had the biggest smile on

my face and it's an amazing pick.

And just to like, add in that space,
like the, cause we, like you said, we

talked about it a lot here on this show
and on your show that we did together.

And I can't stop thinking about the,
the way one of my favorite podcasters.

Jeff, Kanada talked about it on
the film cast, which I think is

the summation of everything that I
tried to convey about that scene.

So often superhero stories are about
the person learning, who they are.

Shonky knows who he is and
he's been running for it.

And the way that this demonstrates
who he is to everyone else, except

him who already knows is beautiful.

So I went a hundred percent.

Love your pick.

So good.

I want to watch it


Jude: now.


I was going to say, I think
Sean, she is to Trey with black

widow is to, to Tara here.

Tara: I think that's a good enough

Trey: 100%.

All right, dude.

Uh, what about you?

When is your number four pick?

Jude: Oh, all right.

Let's see.

Let's put all my, the rest
of the remaining selections

of the random generator here.

Um, number four is I haven't titled
Yulaina and Kate Bishop meet cute,

or where they meet at the apartment.

This is one of those scenes
that I've probably watched.

More than any other, well, I'd probably,
let's put it this way if you counted.

And like back to back the number of
times, and just there might've been

the length of an episode or more
like, I just, I keep going back to

the scene and going back to the scene.

Um, and I don't know at first I wasn't
sure what, uh, struck me so much about

the scene and, you know, outside of the
chemistry, it was phenomenal, but it came

to me that seeing this is what the future
of the MCU is going to be, you know?

And there was this, I don't know
for everybody, if it's on a fan,

like, but for me, for sure, with
the end of in game and this kind

of, oh, where are they going to go?


Don't have.

Robert Downey Jr.


You don't have, um, scholars,
your Hanson anymore.

You know who these new
characters going to be.

What's it going to be like in the end
to see these two brand new characters

interact, um, and have such chemistry.

It just, it just made me so excited
for what the future is going to be.

Um, so yeah, that's, that's,
that's why this is in, uh,

Trey: Love that pic.

And I gotta be honest.

I've been trying to guess what I
think is going to be everybody's

favorite scene they're number one.

And I legitimately thought that was
going to be number one, just because

of how much that I, cause I knew
cause we would talk about it as we

were getting ready for our podcast.

How much you had that on repeat.

So I'm very happy to see it make your
list and I, and for all the reasons

listed, I think, uh, I think it's a great

Tara: pick that you spoke about it
because I don't have it on my list and I.

I don't know why I just needed to
make room for other things, because

I think it's clear how much I love
Julina and Kate and Hawkeye and

black widow and the whole thing.

So everything you said cute.

I completely agree with it.

It was such a dynamic scene to
watch the two of them interact and

the, um, in the finale as well.

The elevator scene is also absolutely
incredible, but just to echo what you're

saying, that first time that they're on
screen together, that the Mac and cheese

scene is just, I think we will absolutely
look back at that as the moment that

something very, very magical began.

Jude: Yeah.

Just that whole, the sea yummy
macaroni tastes like it's delicious.

No, not I'm not going to be,
I know what boxed Mac and

cheese tastes like delicious.

Oh yeah.

Right when the door opened, dude, right?


You wouldn't have time to
know, like you see what I mean?

Like I, I got it down.

I even ended up myself.

This is crazy.


Oh, by the way, next time, your
friend, Elena, like hang out, um,

you know, let's just let him know.

We said hi.

Tara: Yes.

Uh, listeners will have to tune
into, we'll have to check out my

Hawkeyes episode six, a podcast
episode to know what you mean.

Jude: You're a special

Trey: guest.

I got to say that that's a
huge get as a podcast guest.

Tara: I don't want your listeners
to actually think I had to show,

Jude: but you didn't.

Tara: No, I don't say Florence Pugh.

I say Yulaina as if she's a real person.


Trey: real.

To me.

Jude: who's this Florence Pugh.

You speak of.

Uh, Trey right here.


Trey: four I'm here comes number four.


Here it comes.

And I'm bracing myself because I, again,
I apologize already earlier, Tara, for any

fights we may have, uh, with me and Jude.

Oh boy.

Oh my gosh.

Jude: Here we go.

Trey: Number four.

This is actually one of the harder
ones, even though it's set number

four, because the episode that I
pulled this from, there were so many

different scenes that were pulling.

For my attention for this spot, but
there was something about this scene in

episode five of Falcon and the winter
soldier truth, where it's around the

30 minute and 36 second mark, where
they start the boat fixing montage.

Uh, if you listen to our coverage, I think
I frequently would pretty much yell out.

I love the boat because I love
so much of what they were doing

narratively about that boat.

And, you know, I, to preface what I
meant by the fight, you know, Jude and

I have gone back and forth about the
truck in the finale of the episode.

For me and what I'm looking for in
the character of captain America,

I think this scene is the standout
moment of that season because it

embodies so much of what I am looking
for in the captain America character.

It's, you know, even, even back in the
Steve Rogers days, the thing that I

always would say is that captain America's
not the smartest, fastest or strongest.

He is that inspiration and
hope and that resilience to,

to keep doing the right thing.

And the way at this 30 minute mark,
the way it leads into it is Sam

is inspiring the people of this
town that knew his family to all

come in, to help fix the boat.

And they're all contributing
in different ways.

And that sense of community that inspires.

It brings me to tears.

Like that's, especially with the
last few years we have had, you know,

that is such a beautiful scene to me.

And it continues to build because
the person that they introduced in

that scene as well is Bucky who at
this point in the season, Him and

Sam are at odds and they used the
fixing the boat as a way to fix their

relationship and to step even further,
the, the way the scene ends is salmon.

Bucky have a conversation about what
they're going to do about Carly.

Because up until this point, everybody
has been adamant about the only

way to stop her is to kill her.

And you see Sam really wrestling with,
that's not how he wants to do it.

And I think to juxtapose what Sam's
wrestling with, what he's doing

with the community and what we know
he ultimately does, and wanting

to go, not necessarily a pacifist,
but trying to neutralize the, the

disagreements in a more peaceful manner.

I think everything about that scene
makes Sam captain America to me.

And I absolutely love it.

Tara: A couple of things quickly.

You said the phrase I love.

And it made me think of a, a quote
that Clint has about boats in the comic

run the hot guy, my life as a weapon.

So you definitely.

I need to read that for many reasons,
because it's fantastic, but there's a

really great little line there about,
about boats that I think you'll enjoy.

Enjoy Trey since that's, uh,
an ongoing bit for you here.

Trey: Yeah.

I'll check it out.

I did buy the collection,
so I'm still reading.



Tara: can't wait to hear
what you think of it.

And also thank you so much for
everything you said about that scene.

I don't have it on my list.

And I, when thinking about Falcon and
winter soldier and thinking about if

there was going to be a scene that I was
going to choose to make the top five,

and there, there certainly are scenes
from the show that make my top 8, 9, 10.

Um, but it would be, it
would be that episode.

And I didn't kind of think to narrow it
down any further than from that episode,

because it didn't make the top five for
me, but I love that episode so much.

And I did recently rewatch it and
that boat scene is, is wonderful.

So I think everything you said, speaking
about who captain America really

is, is really shines through there.

Jude: Oh yeah.

It was that that boat was
the grounding tie right.

To, to family.

Um, Falcon's, you know, uh, family
has passed and he was running

from, uh, fixing that, you know,
fixing his issues moving forward.

It was great.

And I thought Trey was going to go with
that quick moment of winter soldier,

holding the cake and doing the little
sidestep from the kid on the dock.

Uh, you know, and as we tend to do
here and rewrite things, if we, that in

flight would have been at the dock and
it would have been a boat instead of a

truck, it would have knocked it out of

Trey: the park.

For sure.

You can't, you, if this was
video, you would see I'm just

hunched over waiting for I,

so, yeah, that's a.

That's my number four.

Jude: Nice.

It was a good pick.

All right,

Trey: we're coming back to you.

Tear out.

When is your number three?

Tara: Okay.

So my number three
moment is from Spiderman.

No way home.

And you guys both spoke to other
moments in Spider-Man that I also think

really, really effectively capture.

Uh, what one of you said before, it's
like, what makes this film so special?

It's kind of this once in a
lifetime opportunity to really

represent the culmination of 20
years of Spider-Man storytelling

in live action on the screen and.

In choosing the moment that I chose, I
very much went with the sentimentality.

I went with the straight up the
stall JEA and the, the feeling

that I had in the theater.

And there were a number of moments
in the theater, the first and subs.

And subsequent times that I went
to go see it, that I just was

straight up a goosebumps, you
know, tears, the whole thing.

And then when you think about it a
little bit more like you, you kind of

realize, I kind of realized like, oh,
like they got me, like they got me

right in the sentimental part of myself.

It doesn't mean that necessarily upon
analysis or reflection that everything

about the plot of this movie makes sense.

But man, it got me.


So the moment that I'm choosing
is I think speaks to what this

film did so well in representing
the change and the growth for.

Peter Parker.

He's at his absolute lowest moment
after the death of aunt may.

And I loved, I almost chose that
scene as horrible as it was.

Like, I thought it was just so powerful.

Um, but right after that, right, he is
alone on the roof and his friends, Ned

and MJ come in saying, you know, there's
some people here and you look up and we

see this amazing shot of Andrew Garfield
until we Maguire and Tom Holland's, Peter

Parker doesn't even really react to them.


Like this is the kid.

Is so freaking excited to
meet everybody in civil war.

And this is the kid who just
like, has so much enthusiasm

for life and he's not impressed.

And he's not geeking out about
meeting alternate universe

versions of himself, right?

He is absolutely in pain here.

And these two guys, these two other Peters
come in and they are representative of

other versions of what may come for Peter.

And we see in that scene in which
they're sharing with our Peter, the

trauma they've experienced, it's
this moment of reflection for them.

It's this moment of kind of a
beginning, a process of some healing

for Andrew Garfield's, Peter.

And he's talking about how after the death
of Gwen, he stopped pulling his punches

and, and you see that emotion on him.

And that kind of carries through
the rest of the film, how he is

able to reach some closure here.

Um, and in Toby's Peter,
you know, the story of.

This kind of arc of, of what he
tells a doc later in the movie,

like I'm trying to do better, right.

This is what we do, right.

He's here.

And he can be this inspiration,
this guide for our Peter Parker.

And, um, yeah, the, of course
they bond over the, with great

power comes, great responsibility
line and uncle Ben and ed ma.

And it just completely,
completely got me in the moment.

And, um, I have gone to
see the film three times.

I saw them, the three viewings I did
were in very close, um, progression

one to the next, I lost my word there.

Um, and then since then I haven't
been able to go again between the

holidays and quarantine and everything
else, but I'm dying to go see the

movie again as well, because I.

I have to imagine that even after three
times of seeing it, it's, it's going

to be something that continues to just
kind of really hit me where I live.

Jude: Oh, I, I have to imagine.

So, um, I've only seen it twice.

Uh, a friend of mine, I even
mentioned on pod site, not

just twice, but back to back.

And this was his experience
was my experience.

So it was just better the second time.

Um, that first time there was
so much information dumped in.

And so I can only imagine, you know,
that, like you said, this is just

going to get better with each time.

Trey: And I, I gotta say I,
I have seen it three times.

Uh, and I think you have given me
a new appreciation for that scene

because to speak to why I think.

You know, it takes multiple viewings
to let it all sink in is too.

You get caught up in it all.

I was like, I, they brought them back.

There's a Tobey Maguire
and Andrew Garfield.

And here they are, and they're
making this multi-verse thing work.

And the thing that I missed, and I'm
so glad that you have highlighted

this way for me is the way Peter
reacts to those two, because I was

so fascinated by my own reaction.

That you're totally right.

That Peter, like I'm every time
I talk about the thing that makes

Holland Peter Parker special is
the way he reacted in civil war.

Oh, that's cool.

You got a metal arm.

Like he does that for everyone.

And I never thought about how he's
just not amazed by the fact that

he has met variations of himself.

And so I think you have deepened
by love for no way home.


Tara: so hard to put that
moment at number three.

Jude: I know you got two
more better than that one.

Trey: Yeah.

I got to say I'm amazed that
none of us have had an overlap so

far and that's, I'm so excited.

Jude: Well, that's the beauty of having
like a list of 15 and I can listen and

Trey: be like, dang it.

All right, dude, you're up next?

What's your number three.


Jude: three for me comes from Loki.

And again, it's just one of those scenes
that just really stuck with me, you know?

And I mean, you listen to the pod, you
know, that Loki, as it was coming out

and watching it, I went back and forth
on it and it low-key, the series is

probably my, not probably it's my it's.

It's my third favorite of the
Disney flushes, um, with, with

Hawkeye and wanting to vision above.

But the scene and the time prison
with lady SIF was just super

moving and powerful for me.

Um, just this whole idea of, well, and
I talk about this a little bit with

my seniors, just this whole idea of
solitude and, and the importance of

being comfortable sometimes alone by
yourself and, and being aware of those

times when you get moments of solitude
and you can't, um, when you look for

something to fill it, you know, and what,
and why, why are we looking to fill it?

Why can't we just be still and,
and, and content with just us.

Um, and now I know that's how
I look at the time prison.

Look, he's not there, but just
like, just as representation of,

of these things you do and how they
weigh us down and to, to see him.

Being faced with that and faced
with that and faced with that until

the point where he, he has to, to
finally wrestle with it, it comes to

terms with like, yeah, I did that.

I'm that person and I should have known,
you know, and that, so I just loved that

the way they were able to creatively
within that world, um, have him face

his own, his own demons and temperament.

Trey: I really, we really liked that
pick, um, eh, that's a moment that

definitely stood out to me as well.

Uh, And, and, and to walk through this,
like the music in Loki was always good

from the beginning, but it is in that
scene that it really hit me how expertly

they were using the, the music, because
that end of that scene, when SIF, I can't

remember the exact words, but she says
something like you will always be alone.

And it just, the camera stays on Loki's
face with that realization, even after he

has come to terms with who he is and the
music is just underscoring that moment.

Um, and I'm great pic, I'm so glad
that you have that on your list.

Jude: Yeah, well, I'm glad
you brought up that line.

You always be alone because it is that,
that, you know, that difference of like

a solitude is not loneliness, you know?

Um, and, and solid, you know, solitude
is not like solitary confinement, like

no, like solitary, like I, you know,
um, I'm in the car, you know, I think

of it personally, like if I'm in the
car and I notice, um, you know, if a

podcast not planning, if something's
not going, am I, can I just be with

myself and be okay or my like, trying
to feel the time and the space and,

and, uh, and if that's the case, what's
wrong with me, I'm not wrong with me.

It's like, I have a problem.

But like what internally
is, is bothering me.

So I'm really glad you
brought up that line there.

Um, cause it's not the same thing.

And when you F when you can't
even be comfortable with yourself,

you know, that's, that's an
extreme kind of loneliness.

Tara: Well, yeah, I really appreciate
what you're saying about this scene.

So it's a kind of echo what
Trey was saying before.

I think that here you talk about this
from this perspective, dude gives

me more of an appreciation for that
scene from lucky, which I hadn't, uh,

I hadn't really been thinking about.

So man, this is great.

This is a great conversation to
revisit some of these moments and

see what resonates for, for different

Trey: people.

Jude: Oh yeah,

Trey: yeah, yeah.

I wasn't, uh, it wasn't expecting
to be hit with those fields.

Jude, I liked the way that you
explained that, that that's got me

rethinking a lot about that scene now.

You know, I had just said, I'm so
happy we have not had any overlap.

So whenever you said your third pit came
from low-key, I kind of tensed up for a

second because my third pick is also from
low-key, but it is in a different scene.

Jude: Come home when she come home.

Trey: Yes.

Uh, my scene comes from episode
six for all time, always.

And it's around the 19
minutes and 34 second mark.

And I'm, I'm willing to catch some flak on
this one because this feels like cheating

since this is essentially Kanga monologue.

And I think it goes on for
close to like eight minutes.

So this is all a whole lot of bang
for one pick of a S of a scene.

But the thing that I think is so
special about this is so much of

what Loki was examining the series,
what Loki was examining is futility.

Like what, uh, what does choice
matter if, if nothing matters

and, and so much of that sentiment
is what they were playing with.

So to have this moment where we see
our two central characters meet with

this almost embodiment of futility
and have him explain through.

His reasonings of why he, he, he came
to be, you know, and, and the way

that it was being demonstrated with
those little clay figures that he

was controlling and the way that he
would effortlessly flip between being

electric, to being bored, to being tired.

Jonathan majors is just putting
on one of the best performances

in the 20, 21 season of the MCU.

And it's perfect.

Like I just, I was captivated from
start to finish of that scene.

And I even talked about it when we had
our episode review of that specific

scene, where I said it felt like the
MCU bay brew thing and pointing to where

they're going to go for the next 10 years.

And so I, I just.

Um, I mean, I, how could I not
pick a scene that has the line

you came to kill the devil?


Well, guess what I keep you safe.

If you think I'm evil, just
wait until you meet my variants.

And every time I have that line
in my head, it gives me shivers,

Tara: such a good pic.

And I'm thinking about what you was
saying earlier about the Kate and

Elena scene, you know, and having that
feeling of like, oh man, we're in for

something great with the future of
the MCU, I feel that way about them.

And I also feel that way about
Jonathan majors, uh, because

of everything you just said,

Trey: right?

Jude: I'm not going to get
sidetracked right here.

I'm stopped.

I saw myself tell myself, no, I'm not.

So like the king pin, like, this is what
I mean of like, like what you just said,

like, you got so much with so little and
we're not going to see him until 20, 23.

And it's just that anticipation and
that waiting and that's, uh, they

had kinked into too much, but, okay.

Trey: So number two for
you is kingpin, right?

Jude: Uh, I'm kidding.

I'm not going to comment on that just yet.

Since I have two scenes left to
go, it might not be number two.

It could be number one.

You'll find

Trey: out well, and
anticipation of fighting out.

We can go ahead and move on to Tara.

We are at number two.


Tara: So this, this was the,
uh, the hardest choice for

me because I, I want to say.

The movie, black widow

I'm not going to do that.

I'm not going to do that.

I thought very hard about it.

So I also, I don't know if
I've set this on social media.

I did say this on my 20,
21 year in review episode.

If I am considering all factors and
ranking the films of the MCU in 2021, I

do like squeeze black widow out of the
top spot and put Spiderman away home

there because that's in taking into
consideration some criteria like the,

the nostalgia and the culmination and the
event of it all, which is why Spiderman

kind of gets that top spot for me.

But when it came to the moments here, I,
black widow felt like it had to be higher

because I have rewatched black widows
so many times, and these moments, I just

feel so close to so many of the moments.

And I, I actually kind of revisited
my first impressions episode that I

did for the podcast when black widow
first came out to see if I could get,

um, get some sense of what my past.

What really resonated with
that, that my past self in terms

of choosing one moment here.

And all I talk about in that first
impression episode is like, yes,

like how much as it was unfolding,
it felt really special to me.

And, um, yeah, I, I almost went with
the credit scene for the way that it

set the tone for the film and really
suggested, wow, we're getting into some

territory here of really acknowledging
just how traumatic and terrible Natasha's

past really was and just how much that.

Her survival and her strength,
all the more powerful.

But, uh, I apologize for talking about
scenes that aren't actually my scene.

I know it's, it's, I'm a,

Trey: it's all contextual.

Jude: I realize, I, I say we,
we realize how painful it is.

Um, like I was surprised that you were
going to pick any individual scene because

of the pain of having to cut up the film.


Trey: and if I could just like
interject here to its cause on that

topic of like how we have watched
your love of this film developed.

Whenever we did the second draft
episode, I had went back and listened

to that first one, just in preparation.

Funniest things to me is at
the end or the beginning.

I can't remember.

We were talking about black widow
and we were all discussing about like

what our plans were to go watch it.

And I think you had just gotten the
AMC pass and you were like, oh, I, you

know, I'm going to go see it maybe once.

And we asked like, oh, are you
gonna get it on Disney plus two?

And you're like, ah, probably not.

That was before you had seen it.

And just to get that glimpse of
where you were at to where you

have come has been fantastic.

Tara: It's a bit fun sometimes
to revisit older episodes of the

podcast and really see, see how
much a change and growth happens.

So I guess, you know, despite all
that, the moment that I did land on.

Is quite, quite a long scene.

I think I went a little bit more with
a sequence as opposed to a scene,

but Natasha and Yulaina, they are at
the gas station and there are these,

this scene or sequence of scenes
encompasses the humor of the pose

that you do, your fighting pose.

It encompasses the pain and the insecurity
that these two characters have when

Yulaina says to her, oh, you know,
if someone attacks an Avenger, one of

the big ones will come to avenge you.

And she's like, oh, who are the big ones?

Um, when, and so, you know,
Natasha's insecurity there.

Uh, you know, Elena's insecurity the
face that she makes when Natasha says

you weren't really my sister and she
bites back the vendors, aren't really

your family or at this tension between
the two of them and the incredible.

Incredible line when to Tasha says
all the time I spent posing, I was

trying to do something good, make
up for the pain and suffering.

We cause trying to be more
than a trained killer.

And when Yulaina says I'm not the
killer, that little girl's called

their hero there, they're learning
so much about each other here.

So much of these two characters who
these two people are as being revealed

to us and why I chose this is because
this is our last real installment.

Natasha Romanov in the MCU.

And I love how much her presence
is felt in the Hawkeye show.

I love how much your
presence is felt in 2021.

Um, because, because I do miss her
and I, and I don't think that end

game necessarily, um, uh, took,
took the time to really acknowledge

what her loss meant as much.

Um, but now we have this new character
in the MCU Yulaina as you guys

have already talked about, who is
setting up so much for the future.

So in this scene, we're both
saying goodbye to Natasha and we're

reflecting on who she's been, and
we're also greeting Yulaina and we're

learning about her and we're seeing
where she's going to go and, and.

Gas station scene then kind of leads
into when they're outside drinking a beer

and they have more of that conversation
learning more about each other.

And, um, some tenderness when Natasha
helps you with like, with her wound.

So just like there's so much healing,
there's so much related to the ideas

of identity and family and choice here.

And of course, then that leads into
there in the car and the vest moment.

So again, it's what the MCU does so well
of combining that humor and that heart.

And, um, yeah, I that's, that's kind
of like three scenes in one, but,

uh, Natasha and Elena and they're,
they're learning each other in

black widow has gotta be online.

Trey: I love that.

I love the way he had walked through
that, uh, much like with w you know,

with Jude and trying to guess what
I thought was going to be his number

one and what was going to be yours.

I was under the impression that number
one would be something black widow

related, and, and this isn't a knock
on the movie, but just, there's so many

great moments that I couldn't figure out.

What is the moment that encapsulates
it or defines it as a scene pick.

And you found it like, of course,
even though the black widow scholar,

uh, I loved your description.

Tara: Thank you.

It was tough because
it's such a good such,

Jude: I love that.

You're going to have to change.

Add that to your bio black Twitter,
black women, black Twitter.

What's up.

What's a winter.

Um, black widow,

black widow scholar.

Tara: I could have a scholar.

I like it.

I'm going to put that
on my email signature.

Jude: Please do, please do.

And I'm talking about your work one?

Tara: Yes.

Has got it's exactly not the podcast one.

The work one only.

Trey: All right, Jude, number two.

Jude: Oh man.

The Hawaiian shirt.


Number two.

God, this was difficult.

I'm going to be honest.

Um, I jokingly.

At first, I jokingly said, you
know, our, this whole listening

to Tara and rearranging it.

Um, but I actually did this one,
jumped up to number two, listening,

uh, to you, um, kind of give that
context, uh, because this, again,

I don't know what it is about me.

I think, you know, there's the second
time that I have a moment, right?

Cause like, like the Toby McGuire
back, wasn't really a scene per se.

Uh, it was just kind of a moment.

Um, and my number two
comes from the Eternals.

Uh, it's the fastest kiss and the
internals and the, it was, I mean,

there's more to that scene, but, but,
uh, taking my oldest to the theater

and when that happened on screen, Like
they, oh, my heart is jumping like that.

Like, that's the quote.

Um, and so it was just, it was so cool.

Tara: I'm glad that you mentioned that
Jude, because I think that moment of

representation and that moment of, uh, CA.

One of our heroes up on the screen, you
know, having the type of relationship

that is not always depicted in these
stories and have it be something

that felt so kind of natural in that
moment was really, really powerful to

see, I think, for so many audiences.

And thank you for sharing that because
that's, um, it's especially powerful

knowing that for young people seeing
this it's something that speaks

Trey: to them even outside of
what makes that scene special.

Just hearing the story about what, what
your, you know, your child's reaction to.

It was fantastic.

And to speak about the scene itself.

You know, I remember one of the
things I talked about Eternals

is that this is a movie that is
as interested in these heroes.

And what they can do as it is
interested in how they feel.

And I can also help, but remember one
of the articles, I never found the

source for it, but I remember reading
somewhere that one of the things that

they were talking about with writing
these stories is that it's not enough

to see them go out and save the day.

You need to see them go home.

And what they're like in that home
life and getting to see that moments of

Fastow's and who he was with his family.

And up until that kiss,
like that's special.

That's not something you get to
see often in the superhero movies.

And I am so glad that you
have picked that on your list.

Jude: I love that you said child
to cause there they're 13 counting

down to 14 and I'm trying to slow
that down as much as possible.

Trey: I guess I always get super
concerned with privacy reasons on how

to refer and I will sit offspring,

Jude: look for the longest time.

Hey, I was gonna say for the longest time
Amaechi and I would just say progeny one,

two or three, because the names messed up.

We was just saying, Hey, come here.

I need you to clean the fridge.

Like I'm not kidding.

That's what they had answered to.

Trey: I started calling my niece
and nephew thing one and thing two.

Tara: That's amazing.

So we're at Trey's number

Trey: two,

Jude: right?


I just went we're at Trey's number.

Trey: My number two pick, this is another
one of the hardest ones because per entry,

I don't think I talked about this part
of my method when it came to making this

list is I sat down and I tried to write
the most impactful Steans I had by memory.

So I wrote down one of vision Falcon in
the winter soldier, black widow low-key.

And I just went through the release order.

And in each category I wrote down the
list that I remember just really standing

out to me and what divisions, I think had
the most of most moments per category.

And the moment I ended up going.

For my number two pick is in episode
eight, called it previously on

around the 11 minutes and 46 seconds.

Mark, the revelation of why the
sitcoms were so important to Wanda

and that glimpse into her family
life and the tragedy of what that

was like and how it changed her life.

When that bomb exploded, everything,
she knew that I called it a magic trick

whenever we discussed it, because I.

Generally don't like whenever they
retrofit an idea to a character

that expressed none of that in
prior and previous storylines.

And there was this lingering
question throughout all of one

division for me of why is this
taking the form of these sitcoms?

And as the season progressed, we kind of
got to this idea like, okay, maybe this

is something she had as a home life,
but I just couldn't see how they would

make that feel real and sentimental.

And I was just.

Almost on the floor, just smacked with
how much that scene moved me because you

got that glimpse of how happy it made her.

And it made me forget the tragedy that
was about to come because we knew her past

life from age of Ultron and what she had
gone through that in that moment, I was

with them, excited watching those shows.

And when that bomb lands and reality
snaps back into place, I was in tears.

And I think that moment will easily be
one of the standout moments for all of the

20, 21 entries because of the magic trick.

They were able to pull off
and the effectiveness at which

it just works as a scene.


Jude: you're right.

That was the one thing I remember the
most of that scene is just how much

that you knew it was coming and it, and
they still were able to pull you out

of that and get you immersed in that.

And, and then the a, and their family.

Trey: I think, you know, Tara, you
joked about wanting to put all of black

widow is your pick there's multiple
entries that I wanted to do that just

adding episode eight of one division
is what I wanted to put for number

Tara: two.


Well, that's actually a
good, a good translation.

Cause it's my number one next, right?


Trey: Okay.

Tara: Here we go.

It's a very, it's a very good transition
because I similarly we had a very

similar approach because I too, when
you first presented us with this

task, I wrote down the installments
and release order jotted down.


What are the things that
stood out to me most?

And I also had the longest list for
Wanda vision and black widow, but, but

for one division and, uh, Episode eight.

Well, when we actually, the three
of us, we did a wine division

wrap up episode for my show.

And we talked about our top.

I think we did three favorite
moments from the series.

And I think I kind of made
that joke and said, ah, episode

eight is my number one moment.

Um, and I, at the time I chose
as my number one moment, the

same moment that I'm choosing
for my number one moment overall.

And that is after black widow after
Spider-Man like, this has remained

for me my, my top moment of the
year, I think, partially just

because I am also thinking about.

The power of Wanda vision and
just how special it felt in

those early weeks of 2021.

And I, you know, if I, if I had
to choose my number one favorite

installment of the year, um, all factors
considered it would be one division.

And I, yeah, I know it sounds a little bit
like a surprise there, but it's just so.

I have this personal connection to it.

And I think it just, it just did so
much for, for the MCU and it just feels

like such a singular moment in time.

And it's so incredibly rewatched bubble.

And the number one scene for me
from episode eight, it's so close to

being the one that you chose Trey.

But for me, it's the scene when she goes
into the memory with, with Agatha of her

envision out of vendor's compound, this
is sometime after the death of Pedro.

So sometime between age of Ultron and
civil war, and it's this moment of

connection and tenderness between the
two of them, which was so important to

see in this show, which, you know, the
entire conceit of the one division show

was based around just how much love she
had for him and this extreme grief that

came from the loss of, of that love.

And here we see again, kind of.

Magical way, as you said that
they were able to pull off.

Um, so I'm filling in the gaps of
establishing for us, these moments

of connection that the two of
them would have had earlier on.

And it's also based around this moment in
which they're watching a sit-com, they're

watching Malcolm in the middle and vision.

Can't understand why it's funny that
the character is getting injured.

And how do we know that
he's not really hurt?

And she just says, it's
not that kind of show.

And it's just such a good line that speaks
so much to who she is and how she relates

to these sitcoms and how that manifested
itself out of her, in her grief.

Uh, it speaks to his character
and how he's learning, how

to be human when he says.

I've never had a loved one to lose.

So I don't really know what this is like.

And it's a moment that, you know,
again, thinking about first, watch

it really, really got me this, that
whole episode did, uh, there were a lot

of moments of tears in that episode,
but especially this just the, the way

the two of them relate to each other.

And when he says the line, what is grief,
if not love persevering, you know, listen,

it's become a little bit memorable now.

The what is blank, if not
blank, persevering is a

really great meme template.

Um, but in the moment, uh, you know,
before any of that internet reaction, it

just felt so sincere and so beautiful,
a very beautiful vision, vision quote.

So, and then they have a
laugh at the end of it, right?

Like he's laughing at something on
the TV and she's loosens up a little

bit and says, yeah, it was funny.

And this tender, this tenderness
between the two of them, I.

I love it.

Uh, to me it really encapsulates so
much of what one division was all about.

And one division encapsulates so much
of what I loved about 2021 in the MCU.



Trey: had a feeling there might be
some overlap here with our picks

because I remember that moment in
the wrap-up of said we were, we were

both very high on this episode and.

The I wanted the, I wanted to pick this
scene, but I just kept coming back to

the, the one that I had at landed on.

But you highlight, what's
so special about it.

And I, I think the thing that, to me,
that stood out is that you have two

characters who are both feeling nothing
from different perspectives, obviously

with Wanda and the trauma that she's going
through, there is this feeling of loss and

not knowing how to express those emotions.

And you have vision who is literally just
been born and doesn't know how to express

those emotions because he's learning
and through each other, they learn.

And that is beautiful.


Jude: It's interesting that it, we
mentioned vision gets all the best lines.

And like I said, that line
is just such a powerful line.

And even the meat for some reason, uh, for
me like the means of that, it just hasn't.

I don't say hasn't set.

Well, it's just, it just, I don't, I,
I have a person that likes gifts and

I will have a complete conversation
and gifts on texts if you let me.

Um, and, but just with just
that one there, I don't know.

I just feel, it just feels
different and it is gifts.

And I just want to be clear.

I don't think there was any confusion.

Trey: Got it.

Before we started another horse
that we continue to beat all year,

dude, what is your number one?

Jude: So it was just really cool moment.

Uh, no, just kidding.

I'm not going do that.

It's 20, 22.

I said, I'm leaving the truck behind,
um, set it in our very first episode.

I only said I'm leaving it behind.

This is all I brought it up to say, I
thought Tara and I were about to overlap.

Uh, my first scene was the opening
sequence, the black widow through

the credits, like opening scene
all the way through the credits

that if for a couple of things in
it, just, I remember watching it.

And just some thinking about how different
it was and anything else, I, or at least

to me, it felt so different than anything
else I had seen in the MCU, uh, that, that

segment, um, and how intense the opening
credits was like, and I was in tears.

I would like, I didn't get
past that and my eyes were

watering and I was tearing up.

Um, and then so thinking about like, well,
cause it's interesting of, of what that

was supposed to be film wise and before
COVID like in terms of release order,

you know, and sort of have that be kind
of the first thing and B imagine what it

was like to, to completely kick off the
next set of MCU stuff with that scene

and really kind of make a statement of.


You know, we had our fun and
now let's, let's kind of dig in.

Um, and so, yeah, so for me, that's, uh,
and honestly, I think that's probably

why, cause I know, and I've, I've got a
little bit, uh, uh, pushback jokingly.

So, um, I'm going to, I'm going to
say it that I take it that way just,

but I had black widow is the best
movie of 20, 21 over no way home.

Then a big part is I felt like it just
kinda what I'm saying right there.

The sense of it's it's yeah.

Part of black widow, we got MCU, but
it, it just had such a feeling of,

you know, this isn't the MCU you're
used to, um, it was female led.

Uh, we got Yulaina um, you know, we got.

Um, red guardian, we got like all of
this stuff that trapped up into it.

Uh, I liked the task
master reveal, you know?

Um, and it's just all of that.

So yeah.

It's, I know I'm drifted off into why
I thought that was the better movie.

Um, but yeah, that opening sequence,
uh, that has to be the best for,

Tara: so that you chose it to talk
about it because I, I touched a

little bit on how the credits were
almost my pick before the opening

sequence could have also been my pig.

Um, there, there.

Absolutely agree with you that
there's something so uneasy

about that opening scene.

There's something so beautiful about
it, the tension, and then when they're

in the car and listening to American
pie, I could go on and on about it.

I think ultimately for me, I, in
picking the scene that I picked,

it's it put it on my list.

I felt like I wanted to pick something
that had Scarlet and Florence Pugh in it.

Um, but if I took that criteria out,
I mean, this is just so incredible

at setting the tone for that movie.

And one of the best opening
sequences out of any of these

Marvel films, in my opinion.

So good.

I think I agree with you.

I think it's a really underrated film
and I think as a contained standalone

film, I think it's very, very successful.

And, um, you know, the Spider-Man
movie has the event feel to it.

It has that culmination feel to.

Um, which kind of just puts it in
a, in a separate category for me.

Um, but, uh, yeah.

I'm glad that you, uh, shouted out

Trey: Blackwood.

Yeah, I I'm so glad that that
specific scene has made it into our

collective lists because it was one
of the ones when I was making my list.

Whereas I kept thinking, how
can I not have that somewhere?

And I don't, uh, but it is
one of those scenes to even

just speak within the movie.

It is a scene that the reverberations
of the effect that, that had the

tone that they set and that opening
credits is felt through to the end.

And it is a wonderful picture.


Jude: Um, like Sandy

Trey: first, Nick Cindy drop of 2022.

Tara: So I think we know which installment
tres number one is gonna come from,

but I'm, I'm really eager to hear.

Here, which scene, which scene
it is you chose from what?

After, wait,

Jude: wait, can we guess, can we go?

Trey: I would, I would love to get to him.


Tara: All right.

I'm serious guests or guests.

If what he chose from,

Trey: what if, uh, I would love to hear
what you thought I would take from what?

Tara: No, no, no.

Um, no, you know what?

I don't want to step on
your step on your toes.

I don't want to guess.

I want, I want you to
share your number one

Trey: moment.

So, you know, Tara, you just talked
about how, whenever you were trying

to pick something for black widow, you
felt like it was appropriate to have

something with Natasha and Yulaina.


And I wanted to, to, to bounce off
of that, because that specifically is

what helped inform my number one pick,
uh, I don't think it's a surprise.

My pick comes from and whenever I
talked about this, I think I have

highlighted three different scenes
throughout three different points

that have stood out to me the most.

And Tara, you already picked one
with the bus fight and we talked

about what makes that so special.

Uh, whenever I joined your podcast,
we talked about, you know, I called

it a freaking tower sequence and
how impactful it was to do that.

Uh, whenever they have the scene where
he scaling the side of the building

with Katie and, uh, shall Ling.

But when I sat down to pick my number
one, I could not pick a scene that

didn't have both and , and it is the
scene around the one hour and 42 minute

mark, where they have the final clash
of shonky and windmill with the rings.

Um, you know, so much of that movie.

Is about shank.

She wrestling with wanting to run
from his father's influences, learning

about his mother's and embracing those
influences while maintaining who he

is as a person and who he wants to be.

And on the flip side, you have Wynwood
who I have said multiple times is

the emotional core of like he, the
movie works the way it does because of

his storyline and the work that Tony
Lee young has done within that film.

And so even though you can pull criticisms
of the MCU doing its MCU thing with CGI

and so much going on this moment where
they're fighting and they have that

callback where Shung, she is able to.

Use the, the fighting style
that his mother had learned.

And it was used in the beginning
sequence when, uh, yang Lee and

when we meet, uh, and then he uses
that to finally overcome his father.

And we see that in doing so he's able
to take control of the rings as well.

And he just throws them down at
the foot of his father, because

he's learned that killing him is
not the answer he's looking for.

He's truly trying to save his father.

And, you know, dude, I think your child,
uh, has made references that the, the

MCU is just littered with fathers.

And that is definitely true.

But what is special about Shang Chi is
it's not just about the, these, the,

the son dealing with the father issue.

We get to go through that
journey with the father himself.

And so.

The thing that hits me
the hardest every time.

And that scene is right before,
um, the, the soul eater emerges.

The last act that when we has with
those rings is saving his son and the

movie opens up with, uh, the narration
of Shanghai's mother saying that he

could have done so much good with
those rings, but instead conquered.

And the last act that he does
is the final moment of good.

And it brings me to tears every time,
because shank, she has one, not through

just physical violence, but he has
one his dad over back to a moral side.

And it's beautiful.

And so that is my number
one scene of 2021.

I'm so

Tara: glad you chose that one tray.

I, you know, I, that's why I didn't want
to guess because I was like, you know

what, at anything that you were going
to say about Shannon, she was going to

be incredibly poignant and powerful.

And I was like, I'm not going to go
ahead and guess which one is going.

Uh, I it's, that's such a good one.

And I think having one whew in there
is really important to speaking to the

messages of that film and really trying to
encapsulate what that film is all about.

Trey: Yeah.

There's so many good scenes.

Jude: Yeah.

I, I, I love how much you
love that, that movie.

It just can go on and on.

And I just gush about that movie.

Um, and you're right.

We, when I saw it, uh, my oldest, um,
who's that I was like, that's Sean?

She said, oh, is this another dad movie?

That was actually almost
in a top five moment.

Chung she's dad, uh, for me is I have
it at six, uh, actually, uh, but, but it

was, it was having that moment and it's
kind of that recognition of like, oh,

well, You know, and, and that's one of
the things I'll never forget about that

movie is just that interaction that I had.

Uh, but yeah, I love it.

And also I love like what you said at
the end, cause it's in terms of the,

the dropping the rings, because any
time you know them, she's done it.


Off the top of my head twice.

Uh, you know, in my most
favorite one is returned to the

Jedi where you can have that.

Um, the redemption, you know, is not, it's
not on that redemptive violence, right?

Where we're the hero or, or so
to speak, you know, lays down the

weapon, um, rather than, than,
you know, acting through violence.

I just love how they, when they, when
they, um, when creators are able to create

Trey: that moment.


It's, it's such a special moment
when you can find a nonviolent

way to, to solve the problem.

And again, I say that knowing
full, well, this is the MCU.

We're going to have that moment
where strong she takes on the

dragon, which I still think is
poignant, but that's not my pick.

But to have that, that realization
that I don't need to overpower you

this way I can play to the person.

I know you can be.

I mean, not, I don't want to
diminish it because I think Sean

cheat is their own character, but
that is what that's a commonality

that I like within captain America.

The, the inspiration for
better in the self and others.

And in that moment is a small distillation
of what I like about that hero at.


Jude: So like you're right, like right at
the end when, when John Walker took off.

Trey: So that's going to do it.

Thank you so much,

Jude: man.

I was really gonna throw a curve ball and
say the first time we get to see John with

a shield that has to be traced in bro.

Trey: Tara saved me cause
I knew that was coming.

So I'm going to leave it
in the edit specifically.

You can see my voice go in two
different directions and I just

leaned to her stare at like, okay.


What is my favorite?

What else?

Oh man.

Well, Hey, we did it
top five scenes of 2021.

Jude: And you know what sticks
out to me the most is how

much was left on the table.

Trey: Is there any scene that sticks
out to anybody and it doesn't have

to be your honorable mention, but
is there any one that you think

was going to make it that didn't?

Jude: Ooh, Ooh.

I what's

Trey: your stray Agatha all along.


That's the one.

Tara: And that wasn't my number six
either, but it was definitely on

my list of one division moments.

And I, I thought someone might bring
it up just because like, for what it

represented, like what a WTF moment.

I don't know about you guys, but like
watching that for the first time, I

was like, oh, there's, there's a song.

Now there's a fill
reveal that it's a song.

And like, it, it was just such a unique
moment that really leaned into the

genre conventions at the sitcom thing.

And, uh, yeah, I, I'm glad that we brought
it up here just to note it as a, certainly

a unique and special moment from the year.

Jude: Yeah.

I don't have a specific scene.

I'm just going to say, well, no, actually
I haven't seen in mind, but there's so

many, I'm surprised a scene with, um,
Willem Defoe screen goblin that it make

it, that kills me, um, in particularly.

When he shows up at feasts and he's
talking to me, um, because I didn't

notice the first time, but the second
time, you know, and Maples Peter, Peter,

the side, and you can see between the
behind and he's like grabbing muffins and

stuff and sticking them in his pockets.

But like, I wanna do more
analogies he's to the green goblin.

What Heath Ledger's to the joker.

And, you know, Tony is
Tony, Robert Downey Jr.

Is the Tony stark, right?

Like, it's just.

It's amazing.

And so I'm really surprised
none of us was with him.

Trey: Yeah.

That's uh, that kills me because that
is, and I've talked about it in text

conversations, like to use that scene
specifically, the thing that's so

impressive about, uh, no way home is the
way that it cares about these villains

and treats them as people that need help
and not people that need to be defeated.

And it starts with aunt may and
say that something's not right.

And she like points to her head.

I don't know the line specifically.

It's one of the ones I wish I had on
video on demand to be more accurate,

but I was bracing myself because I
thought, oh my God, they're gonna make

a joke, you know, in regards to mental
health, but they took it seriously.

And that that's a hallmark of.



Tara: I can't wait to talk
more about no way home.

Like, especially once it's available
for further viewing at home.

There's so much to unpack with that

Trey: film.

All right, Tara, I know you mentioned
earlier, you had some honorable mentions.

Is there any, you wanted Sera list out?

Yeah, I guess,

Tara: you know, the one that was hardest
for me to cut that I had as a, an

official number six that I, you know,
had some notes on was from low-key

specifically episode one, his initiation
into the TVA, because I thought that

that was such a great moment in terms of
ushering in a new landscape for the MCU.

This was a new look and feel.

The aesthetics of the TVA are
so interesting and how they.

Mid century modern kind of inspired
style that feels both past and future.

And so ultimately somewhat
timeless and here's Loki a

very familiar character to us.

Who's thrown into an unfamiliar context
and they're using him to introduce us

to new kind of riskier sides of the
MCU and grounding us a little bit,

but also establishing the stakes.

When we see that, you know, he he's
stripped of his Asgardian leather and, uh,

and really thrown into this environment.

So I wanted to have a chance to mention
that as, as a, as a moment that I

think is really important and, uh,
just also beautiful, uh, visually in,

in the MCU this year that I didn't
get a chance to talk to, uh, talk

Trey: about before.

Yeah, that's a, that's a good mention.

What about you, dude?


Jude: I've already mentioned the,
what I had listed as number six.

Um, actually the shame
Shang, what's wrong with me?

The Shong she like, like now
that I know the , um, actually.

There was an interesting moment
the other day with my friend, TJ.

Um, and we were talking about, uh,
Hawkeye and he was, uh, talking to.

I don't know how it came up, but you
mentioned Budapest and I corrected him.

So I wasn't TJ, I'm pretty sure it was TJ.

Um, but yeah.

So the other one, the last one I'll
mention here dose wise was the moment

on the statue of Liberty, where they're
talking about the organic web shooters.

Um, because I am a proponent
of the organic web tutor.

Um, I liked it, uh, in back
then and I still like it now.

Um, and just, you know, just that they
addressed it in the way they addressed it.

Uh, just cause, cause you get Andrew,
you know, who's an older Peter

and he's kind of asking questions
and then you get the, you know,

he's supposed to be a senior, but.

He's a senior he's like, this
is, I teach all seniors, a

senior would ask this question.

Does it come from other places?

Like, like that is completely
a hundred percent what the

17, 18 year old would ask.

Um, so yeah, that's, I, I just
loved that whole sequence,

Trey: so good.

I got a quick honorable mention and what
would have been my number six, seen, uh,

honorable mention it, it kills me that
I also wasn't able to find a spot for

the flashback scene where Sean Chichi.

And when we go to that bar slash gambling
place to exact revenge on the people that

murdered, uh, there, his wife and Chunky's
mom, um, it came down to like what I said,

I, I wanted a scene that representative.

But I wanted something a little
bit more uplifting despite how

much that scene impacted me.

Uh, so that one gets an honorable mention
and w would have been number six and

another one that I'm just, this is what I
mentioned when I said I had to delete it

and walk away from my keyboard earlier.

It's the bridge, the chase sequence
and Hawkeye the, the one where

they're escaping, uh, being captive
with the tracksuit mafia all the

way through to the Penn tech arrow.

It is a wonderfully well done scene.

And I'm so sad that it, I
couldn't make it in the top five

Tara: thinking about it.

I think.

We have some on our lists.

We have some representation
from each installment of the

year, except what is right.

Jude: Well, I, I will say this,
but, and I, and I mentioned this in,

uh, no, I didn't mention this tray.

And I w when we were trying to put out
our top, uh, our ranking, our Disney plus

shows, we talked about this, um, for,
at least for me, because it's animated

and I still see it mentally kind of
separate from the, from the MCU proper.

I know that's changing.

I know it's changing, but
like, for some reason there's

just like this mental block.

Well, like even when somebody asks
it was like add students acid, is

that your favorite Spider-Man movie?

Um, you know, and I get my answer and
then somebody immediately followed up.

It's not into the spider verse.

And I was like, well, I
I'm thinking live action.

Uh, so that's honestly
even going through these.

I really didn't honestly didn't give what
if much thought, uh, for that reason,

just the difference of live action.

Trey: Yeah.

I, I think I'm in that space with you.

And I feel like I, I feel bad because I
don't, I don't want to ostracize it from

being part of the MCU because I mean, it
is intended to be that way, but it just,

it didn't really cross my mind whenever
I sat down to write lists, uh, there were

moments that I think stood out to me like
the, the second last episode where Hawkeye

has that sacrifice play and he is aiming
down as the Ultron bots are coming up.

That moment was.


And I love the way that that was framed
and the lighting and the animation, but it

just, when it came to cracking a top five,
I just, I couldn't put it above anything

Tara: else.

I feel similarly there are some, uh,
cause I wouldn't even necessarily think

of them in terms of scenes, but like
there are some, uh, frames, there are

some visuals, there are some shots that
really stand out that I think were really

stunning and in what if, and there are
some character beats too, and, and some

lines that I think stand out, but, uh, but
I I'm in the same boat as you guys didn't

it didn't really feel as much part of
the same conversation for me personally.

Trey: Well, we're, we're getting to the
end here, but Tara, you had a fantastic

suggestion on Twitter where you thought
we should share what we thought were

some memorable scenes from 2021.

Uh, I know you use kind of tiptoed
into one, but uh, are there any

that stand out to you specific.

Well, this

Tara: was prompted it, it was Al who,
who shared the gift of Zemo dancing.


So once he posted that,
I was like, oh man.

Yeah, this year, So my chronic
gifts here, uh, some iconic meme

template, uh, opportunities.

So the other ones that kind of stood
out to me, um, I mentioned before the

kind of, what is blank, if not blank,
persevering, which to your point, Jude,

like that is such a powerful and tender
and sentimental moment that I don't

need there to be jokes about that.

Um, I've seen that out
there and I they're fine.

They don't undermine it or ruin it for me.

But I, uh, that line still lands for me.

I'm such a poser.


And from Sean cheap or

Jude: that's

Trey: that has infiltrated my
conversations with my mom and dad.

They will throw out or so frequently,
especially since I'm in the family

lawn service, we'll have conversations.

And then I'll say like,
oh, we need to do this.

And one of them will pipe in.


Jude: well the thing is, is
even creeps into our text.

Like, he'll say what about this?

Or then the textural following or,

Trey: oh, that's great.

So what about YouTube?

Do you have any memorable
scenes from 2021?

Jude: Um, I got.


I'm so terrible at this.

And again, and like, I'm trying to
think, and I'm just, I had one and

I was like, no, that's terrible.

And I had another and that was bad.

Um, I, I don't know what it is.

I like gifts.

And so my first head, my head keeps
going to gifts and it was like, oh,

this moment, this one is like open.

It's not a mean, that's a gift.

Um, that's just to be honest, that's
what makes it so difficult for me.

Tara: I was kind of using it as an
umbrella term for funny internet

thing shows how much I know, I
guess, I guess we're all a little

bit older than the meme crowd.

I don't know.

Is that.

Jude: I don't know.

I don't know.


Trey: listen, Willem Defoe recently
had an interview where he said he

only wanted to come back if he can
do the action scenes, because that

was a way to route the character.

Otherwise it is just a meme.

So he knows what means.

Tara: Oh.

And he had the somewhat of a
scientist myself call back.

Jude: Yeah, he did.

Um, so yeah, so now I'm
trying to think of, of there.

I think, I think the,
the one that I think.

That if I was going to have in use.

And again, my mind goes to gifts is just
low-key and there's reaction to Mobius.

And I is where he's like,
and I wouldn't do it again,

you know, for some reason
that just sticks out

Trey: to me.

So I have two and the first one I
think is easy, but it's flourish.

I think that has been
thrown around so frequently.

And I love it just because of what
it represents within the episode

and the way people have used it.

The second one, and this one may be
a bit of a stretch, but I'm going

to try and make my argument for it.

And the second episode of Wanda
vision, there is a moment where

somebody says something, the devil's
in the details or the details and

the devil and Agatha says, fuck the

Jude: details.


Trey: thought I've reversed it,
even though I had it current,

regardless, my details are all
over the place, but the devil, uh,

regardless Agatha had the response.

That's not the only place
he is because of that line.

You can now not go more than five
comments before someone comments Muffet

STO on speculative thing in the MCU.

So that has to be for me the
most memorable moment of 2021.

You're so right.

Yes, yes, yes.

Even if I botched the sea.

So those are my picks.

Tara: Festo is, is coming.

Jude: He's on his way.

And may this may, it's going to have Dr.



You want to get Marvel
fans mad the way to do

Trey: it is you can go ahead.

Jude: Well, I was going to say in Dr.


They should have manifesto, but do
the Trevor Slattery Mandarin twist.

And it not be my Festo.

That would definitely get them going.

Tara: So kind of like you have
Pietro, but you don't have Pietro.

He's just a dude named

Trey: Ralph.

Hey, I guess Marvel's not shy on pooling.

Switcheroos like that,

Tara: you know, what's kind of a meme
or, or I guess has meme potential, but

maybe hasn't really been used this way.

And I wish it was used more.

I don't know if I'm using meme and
internet reaction interchangeably

here, but remember at the end of,
I guess it was episode five of

one division before pediatric.

All right.

So the door, when want to envision
or having an argument and she just

starts rolling the credits over him.

That's hilarious.

I wish that there was a way of
capturing that more in real life or

on the internet of just like I'm done
with this conversation, but credits.

Trey: Amazing.

All right.

We'd like to thank Nick.

There you go.

Jude: The number of times that
I just imagined that in my head

anyways, it happens in real life.

I'm just, it

Tara: doesn't happen on every
episode of your podcast.

I can't believe I didn't
make that connection.

Trey: It was literally the same thing.

Oh man.

Well, Tara, thank you so
much for the suggestion.

I think this was a very fun addition
to this podcast and say, yeah, you

know, we've got one more thing left.

I know Jude, and I just recently talked
about it in our previous episode,

but, uh, I wanted to give you a
chance here to say, what are you most

excited for in 2022 regarding the MCU?

Tara: Um, well, I, I
listened to your episode.

I actually really enjoyed hearing
your thoughts on some of the troubled

production around black Panther.


Go in a downer type of direction,
but I, uh, I did just want to bring

that up because I thought that was
a really, um, uh, conversation that

you guys were having about that.

And I share some of those anxieties
around that film because the first black

Panther is just such an amazing work.

Uh, and I just want the franchise
within the franchise, uh, the black

Panther franchise within the MCU
to, uh, continue to, to thrive.

Um, but I like Jude am very much
looking forward to she Hulk because

of the wonderful Tatiana Maslany.

And, um, I know you spoke to it on
your episode, but she is a remarkable

actor who can really capture so, uh,
so much emotion, but also so much humor

she can, um, she she's absolutely.

Uh, dynamic force and I'm really
looking forward to the tone of what

she hope can be with this idea of
it being maybe a little bit more

campy and breaking the fourth wall.

So that's probably my number one
pick for the Disney plus series

that I'm looking forward to.

And probably my number one overall.

Um, but I, in terms of
movies, I got to go with Dr.

Strange and multi-person madness,
probably just because it's.

In my mind.

Cause we did see the trailer after
Spider-Man and I love Wanda so much

as you guys know from some of my
picks here tonight and I'm so looking

forward to seeing where her journey
goes next and how that's going to

interweave with the world of, of Dr.

Strange as well.

So yeah, I'm very much
looking forward to 2022.

I think that it'll feel
a little bit different.

You know, we had nine
installments this year.

That was a lot of content in 2021.

And it seems like with them doing
three movies, as opposed to four

in this coming year, I think
maybe that will be a little bit.

A good thing to, to slow
down the pace a little bit.

So, um, I'm very excited.

Trey: It will certainly make this
task a whole lot easier next year.

But yeah.

Thank you so much for sharing that.

I I'm so glad to get, to
hear that, uh, perspective.

And again, I look forward to hearing
and I know you just recently did

an episode on a retrospective and
a little peek at what's to come.

I think that's going to do
it for this episode, Tara.

Thank you so much for joining us on this.

This has been a blast.

Thank you,

Tara: Trey.

And thank you, Jude.

It's always so much fun to
collaborate with you guys, especially

on tasks like this, which are.

Incredibly fun and also somewhat
daunting and cause us to do things

like have multiple tabs open on
our computers before we start.

Um, so always a blast.

And, uh, thank you so
much for having me on the

Jude: show.

Trey: Yeah.

And of course, if you're not familiar
already, you should definitely be

following Tara on social media.

You can find them on both Twitter and
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And if you're not subscribed
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So we will have links to all those
respective places in the show notes.

And of course, uh, if you'd like
to get in touch with us, you can

always reach us at MC you need
to know on Twitter and Instagram.

Uh, we recently just put out a post
asking for your favorite scenes of 2021.

And we had so many wonderful
responses and it was so much fun

to get to see, uh, what was the
most impactful for you all in 2021?

So if you want to see some of those
or answer your own, uh, make sure

you're following us there and let us.


Jude: and be sure scroll down in the
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You can find a wonderful community
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And of course you be there for Marvel.

So make sure you click on the
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Um, and of course the best thing you can
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What about a month, three weeks now and
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Trey: Yeah.

We'd also like to thank Nick Sandy for
the use of our theme song, which is

his rendition of the Avengers theme.

You find more of his work on a SoundCloud,
which will be linked in the show notes.

That's going to do it.

Thank you so much for
listening, Tara and Jude.

Thank you so much for doing this.

Thank you tray.

Thank you, Jerry.

Thank you guys.

We'll see you all next week.

Jude: Um, now my question is
you are completely to monitoring

the saying and having like black
widow on the second monitor.

Aren't you?

Tara: Okay.

You're not, no,

I, I had black widow up on.

Just a few minutes ago and I do have up
in another tab, uh, like my notes for when

I did a black widow deep dive episode.

And you've totally nailed it.

That black widow is the
one that I can't decide.

So, so yes, Judy, you are,
uh, you're, you're thinking

along the right lines there.

Trey: I love it.

I can't wait to edit it.

And I'm just going to hear
scenes from the movie.

Jude: Well, I kinda liked when
the movie started and there was

a middle section that was really
cool and the end was pretty awesome

Trey: too.

So that's three spots right there.

Jude: And honorable mention,
I think is the in credit, so,

Trey: oh man.

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